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WoWJul 19, 2016 9:30 am CT

Update your addons before you play today

If you’re someone who uses extensive UI modifications, you may encounter some hurdles before you jump into the pre-Legion fun today. The patch introduces significant changes not only to classes, but to the base UI. It’s a safe bet the vast majority of your addons will break with today’s patch, if not all of them.

Given the scope of the changes, it might not be a bad idea to wipe out your addon folder entirely and start fresh. When addon errors reach critical mass, they can have a very real impact on your game client’s performance. And given class changes are so sweeping on this patch, a UI which has been customized for a specific character is unlikely to continue serving its purpose — you’ll need to rebuild anyway.

When updating addons, make sure you’re downloading them from a source you trust. New patches and expansions are prime time for scams and phishing attempts. Only download addons from a reputable location.

Credit to Wowhead for the “Out of date” screenshot I’ve butchered and abused to create this post’s header image.

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