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What are Artifact Relics?

Relics are items which are socketed into your Artifact, similar to how gems from Jewelcrafting function. You will use your Artifact(s) throughout the expansion and Relics are the items which increase your Artifact’s iLevel, effectively replacing weapon drops for the duration of the expansion. Not only do they increase your Artifact’s iLevel and damage, they also add additional levels to certain Artifact traits. For example, your Retribution Paladin might receive Rocket Chicken Rocket Fuel which will both increase its iLevel and put an extra point into your Highlord’s Judgment trait.

Artifacts start with two Relic slots, unlocking a third once you’ve completed your class’s order hall questline. With Retribution Paladins as our example, Ashbringer starts with one Holy and one Fire relic slot. All relics have a designated element. Rocket Chicken Rocket Fuel is a Fire Relic, which means you can only put it in the Fire slot. You’ll need to find a Holy Relic for the Holy slot. Once Retribution Paladins unlock their third Relic slot, they have a total of two Holy Relic slots and one Fire Relic slot.

Artifact Relics can be most commonly acquired through quests, max level world quests, dungeons, and raids. Much like all other gear in the expansion, Relics have a random chance to upgrade to a higher iLevel.

Check out our Artifact guide for more details on how to max out your Artifact weapons in Legion.

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