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The Queue: Saving those who slimed us

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Just got around to watching the Harbingers series.  Does Khadgar really not know about the New Council of Tirisfal?  There already is a new guardian.  Or was the council disbanded after Med’an’s fight with Cho’gall, and his power stripped?  This xpac seems like the perfect time to introduce Med’an in-game along with the rest of the council, aiding Jaina and Khadgar in Dalaran. Do you think it will happen?  If it doesn’t, then it almost seems like they’re trying to retcon that part of the comic series.

Blizzard has waffled on whether or not Me’dan is canon. Sometimes they say he is, sometimes they ignore him — but he’s never made an appearance in-game and I’m not sure he’s even been mentioned. Certainly, the New Council has been glossed over, with in-game sources stating that has absolutely not happened. Personally … I hope he isn’t canon. He was a character that fit the insanity of a comic book. He was, effectively, an Azerothian superhero. The character he was, though, doesn’t fit the game. And given how ludicrously powerful he was, how very special a snowflake he was, I really doubt the game audience would be so willing to accept him. We’ll take wizards. We’ll take paladins. We’ll take shaman. We’ll take characters who fit into various archetypes and can accept beings who are super powerful, like all of the faction leaders are.

But a mage-paladin-priest-shaman orc-draenei-human 15-year-old Guardian savior of the world and every faction in the game? Um. Yeah. He can be a comic book protagonist. He fits right in there. But it’s really silly in the larger Warcraft universe.

I get a strong impression Blizzard doesn’t want to outright state they’ve retconned a run of the comic book out of existence, but are content to ignore the events contained within.


Just did the first two stages of the Azshara invasion in a Scenario instance that seemed to contain only two other players. What the heck?

This seems to happen from time to time and I can’t figure out if it’s the result of a server hiccup or a new scenario/phase starting when it really shouldn’t. One of my first invasions, which I discussed on the podcast, was me and just a few other people. It took forever to grind through each stage of the invasion, then we ended up with a boss with life leech. We couldn’t kill it and ended up abandoning ship. I had another early this morning where it looked like it’d go that way, with only mean and two or three other people in the invasion, but we had a bunch of people arrive right before the start of stage 2.

It might happen because a particular phase is “full” and it starts a new one, but not enough people end up showing up to fill it out. I don’t really know, though. All I know is it happens from time to time, you can still complete it if you’re lucky, but if you’re unlucky, you’ll get an insurmountable endboss.


Anyone know off the top of their head the best way to gear for tanking proving grounds? Having a honey of a time trying to get past round 10 in gold on the DH.

My answer might not be particularly useful for you, and if that’s the case, I’m sorry. From what I understand, Proving Grounds are not worth bothering with right now. Proving Grounds were balanced for Warlords of Draenor, but not Legion. Some classes who were able to tear it up in there just can’t make progress now. If you really want to try cracking away at it, feel free — but it’s truly an example of deprecated content.


In a previous queue RPJ showed a picture with her having an Ironforge defender as her minion.  I’ve seen other classes that don’t normally have minions running around with the big rock dude demons (i specifically checked and they weren’t locks.   How is this happening?  Basically… waahhh I want a minion!

In the invasion zones, you can sometimes find NPCs you can interact with. They’re either doing a /cower emote or are locked in a cage or something like that. Some of them, when you click on them, thank you for your help and run away. Others will follow you like a pet to help you out for the duration of the invasion. I had a little laugh when I rescused a “Keen Huntress” in Westfall because she looked exactly like Anne’s Hunter Hattie and was following me around like a pet.

I’ve also had a gnome mage following me around during the Hillsbrad invasion.


Who’s more fel? Demon Hunters or Warlocks, and why?

Personally, I have to go with Demon Hunters on this one. Warlocks use fel magic and make packs with demons, true. But demon hunters not only use fel magic to empower thier abilities, they are also part demon. If fel magic can corrupt a warlock, think how fast having a demon inside you could corrupt, with full access to its power AND having to constantly defend against it’s coercion. Again, from INSIDE yourself..

I see Demon Hunters as slightly feral and Warlocks as refined practitioners. Demon Hunters are having weird hedonist parties in the woods where they eat hearts and roll around in demon blood. Warlocks are studying in their secret hideouts and conducting cautious rituals away from prying eyes. Demon Hunters scream bloody murder and throw themselves into the thick of the fight. Warlocks hang back to cripple and weaken their enemies from afar, using their minions as frontline shock troops.

Warlocks should learn to enslave Demon Hunters. That’ll take care of the Burning Legion.


In case anyone else remembers that locks have an enslave demon ability……. it doesn’t work on the invading demons. :(

The list of demons Enslave Demon works on is shorter than the list of demons it doesn’t work on. See above question about Demon Hunters.


How well known is it that demons can only be killed in the Twisting Nether, lorewise?  Like, is it common knowledge?  Is it something anyone who’s ever fought or dealt with demons knows?  Or is it only known to experts in demonology, who have studied the subject?

For anyone who played Burning Crusade, if you paid attention to the quest text in Ogri’la, this has been known for a long time. They straight up tell you it’s not really possible to kill a demon, only banish them back to the nether. These are schlubby ogres telling you this fact, so I would be surprised if Azerothians didn’t know. Maybe a commoner working the wheat fields wouldn’t know, but soldiers and adventurers would know — and not be able to do much about it. Banishing them out of your world is probably good enough.

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