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The QueueAug 29, 2016 11:01 am CT

The Queue: It’s happening

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!


Does anyone know what will happen to the Invasion Chests once the Invasions end and we head to the Broken Isles?  I have a character who just hit 86 but I’m pretty sure I won’t have quite enough time to take him all the way to 100 before the servers shut down.  So if he only gets to 95, for example, and has to wait a few weeks (or months, who knows) to hit 100, will the chests a) stick around, and b) continue to scale with his level up to 100?  My gut feeling is that they should, but some more concrete info would be nice.  Thanks!

Your chests will not despawn after the invasion event. Any in your possession, you’ll keep them. The rewards scale with your level, so you can pack your bank full of the things and pop them all open at level 100 for the goodies. Honestly, though if you aren’t going to hit level 100 through invasions, you might want to open a few of them early. The gear in the boxes is really, really good, and they’ll help you power through the questing you’ll have left to do to hit 100. Once you hit 100, you’ll be going to the Broken Isles and replacing everything you have relatively quickly. Might as well make the road to 100 easier, right?


You have a choice of any of the war vehicles available in Legion invasions: the NEs’ war glaives, the gnomes’ mechanoshredders, the orc’s war machines  the goblin mechs,etc, what do you choose?

The glaive thrower. The other vehicles are pretty neat, but the extreme range on the glaive thrower meant I could participate in fights at a safe distance with no risk of pulling aggro and dying. With the glaive thrower, you can fight the endboss in Gadgetzan without actually being in Gadgetzan. That’s rad.


is there an addon that lets you do a search of your achievements in the achievement pane in-game? There are so many achievements and now so many categories & sub-categories it takes me ages to find even simple ones.

You don’t need an addon! Blizzard added this functionality to the base achievement UI. If you open your achievement window, you’ll find a tiny search box in the upper right, next to your achievement point total at the top.


does anyone know if this refers to something as simple as setting up your class order hall, or if it’s several weeks of weekly story quests related to your class order hall?

Your Order Hall campaign is much like the Garrison Campaign. You’ll unlock a series of quests over time – including during the level up process – which eventually reaches its climactic conclusion. If I remember right, finishing the campaign is what allows you to stick three relics into your artifact rather than two.


I know Blizz have said they have learnt from WoD and that the launch is going to be better for server load, but won’t we all have to head to the same location to start with creating a huge demand on that location?

Whether or not the servers are stable likely depends more on whether or not they get DDOS’d again. Blizzard has gotten better and better at keeping their servers stable, but there’s only so much you can do when your network (or your ISP) is being bombarded by DDOS attacks. I don’t recall Warlords having many stability issues in regards to people being gathered up in one place, but I do remember a number of questing bottlenecks. Hundreds of people needing to take turns clicking on a flag was a serious problem. I expect we’ll run into a few of those again purely due to minor oversights — beta tests simply don’t compare to a live environment. We’ll see some frustration followed by hotfixes.

It’s also worth noting they did try to simulate the Legion launch on beta realms quite a bit. They schedule tests where they specifically asked beta testers to log in on a new character and head to Dalaran to see what happens when  a massive number of people port to the Broken Isles all at once. Given they ran those tests, we can hope they got it running smooth.


If you could pick one thing you liked the most about invasions, which one would it be?

Obviously the XP was amazing, but I really liked seeing bits of WoW history in the invasions. We got to see characters like Gryan Stoutmantle and Helcular again. We got to see what the Burning Legion was doing in each zone — gathering Blight in Hillsbrad, turning our creations against us in Westfall, gathering resources in places like Azshara. Each of these invasion sites contained a lot of details for something which is going away forever.


So my warrior has max skill in blacksmithing and engineering. Will I be gimping myself in Legion if I don’t take a gathering profession, or is it okay to keep both of those max trade skills and get my ore needs through other means?

You’re going to be thirsty for materials, that’s for sure. You won’t have a free gathering point like you did with the garrison’s mine in Warlords of Draenor. While you can get the Bind on Pickup gathering materials through questing or other gameplay, you’re going to be accruing them at a slower rather than someone with gathering would, and you’re going to need to spend gold to get your ore. I, personally, do not recommend going double crafting, but it isn’t impossible to do, either.


Are the invasions going to stop once Legion launches?

We don’t know exactly when invasions will stop. They might stop just before launch, run right up to launch, or remain for a little while after launch. It’s probably safe to assume they’ll end at midnight Pacific when Legion becomes playable, though.


How are you setting yourself up for Legion?  Snacks, drinks, WoW PJs?


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