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The QueueSep 12, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Burning water

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!


Has there been any explanation for the wild shift of positions re: letting out demon hunters on the half of the Wardens?

In WC3: Tyrande shows up because the Legion is doing Legion stuff and oh no we need Illidan to fight them, and Maiev was all, “lol no fight me scrub.”

Now in Legion, the Legion is doing Legion stuff, and Maiev is all, “hmm, I better let the demon hunters out to fight them!”

It could be a matter of differing circumstances. Until Tyrande broke into the Vault of the Wardens to unleash Illidan, the Vault itself was secure — and the Wardens exist specifically to maintain the vault and oversee their many, varied, and highly dangerous prisoners. The Wardens don’t seem to care about much beyond that task, because it was the very specific charge given to them: Imprison the most dangerous beings in Kalimdor, no matter the cost. They were doing just that. The Vault was secure. There were no threats to the Vault… until Tyrande decided to let Illidan out, a criminal not only considered immensely dangerous, but one that had been put specifically under Maiev’s watchful eye for millennia.

In Legion, the situation is different. The Vault isn’t secure. They’ve been betrayed, the Vault has been breached, and every single highly dangerous creature imprisoned within the Vault is on a rampage and eager to escape. The Wardens, and Maiev specifically, know they don’t have control of the situation anymore — and of all of the deadly creatures within reach, the Demon Hunters are the most useful tool at their disposal. The Burning Legion has breached the Vault. They decide to fight fire with fire. It’s better than losing everything.

During Warcraft 3, the Wardens might have seen Illidan as more dangerous than whatever was outside the Vault. This time around, the danger is in the Vault.


World Quest question – if I only do two out of the four quests. When they cycle back will I still have credit for those two?

That depends on what you mean by cycle back. You can have up to 3 Emissary Quests at any given time. If you only have one, with two out of four required quests completed, that progress will remain for three days until that Emissary expires. If the Emissary does expire, you will lose all progress, as if you had abandoned the quest.

If you’re asking if you’ll maintain progress after the actual World Quests on your map refresh, then yes. Your progress will carry through until the Emissary decides you’re a schlub and leaves.


Of all the world quests giving relics I’ve seen so far, only one has given me a relic that could actually go in my Scale of the Earth-Warder. Val’sharah is currently going to give me two different storm relics, which are useless to me. I imagine the answer is no, but is there any way to make the system offer me more relics appropriate to prot?

Unfortunately, it seems to choose a relic your class can use as opposed to a relic your spec can use. I’m also playing a Warrior this expansion, and I’m also seeing endless Storm Relics from World Quests. I play Arms and Prot. Neither of those use Storm Relics. Only Fury uses Storm, and I have no interest in playing Fury. Meanwhile, both my Arms and Prot Artifacts could seriously, seriously use some Relic upgrades.

There’s currently nothing to be done about this, but I do sincerely hope Blizzard changes these to take loot spec into consideration.


It’s been simultaneously quite lovely seeing all of the Outlaw rogues come together to try to find the [Spoiler Redacted] hidden appearance for our weapons, but also quite…uh…telling of the types of people who exist out there with the way some of the comment threads devolve into name calling and completely unproductive bickering…

How are you going finding the hidden appearance(s) for your class(es)/spec(s)?

The hidden skin for Strom’kar is an axe, which I have no interest in. I wanted to collection the Protection skin just for the hell of it, though. From what I can gather, the hidden skin for Protection was found on beta, but the item for it doesn’t seem to be spawning on live realms. Or, at least, people have been camping its spawn location since launch and there are no reports of anyone seeing it appear. Either they’ve changed the source since beta or it isn’t available on live realms. Who knows?


do bonus objectives disappear when you hit 110 or is it just that Highmountain doesn’t have any?  I did one there at 109 but I dinged 110 shortly after that and since then, nothing.

Bonus objectives to seem to disappear once you hit level 110, but all bonus objectives seem to be potential World Quests, too. Once you unlock that feature, you’ll have “bonus objectives” all over the darn place, so don’t fret. You’re not missing out on much.


Anyone else trying out PvP this expansion? How are you finding it?

I was doing Archaeology and, paying no attention whatsoever, blundered into a free-for-all PVP objective and got ganked by a Ret Paladin while shedding a single tear over lost relics of antiquity.

So… pretty annoying, really.

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