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The QueueSep 14, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: One minute late

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!

It’s currently 11:01 a.m. instead of 11:00. My bad, y’all.


I am just still upset Holy Paladins will not carry a shield for the next two years… it’s just wrong… class fantasy my arse…

I’m not going to say you’re wrong, because you like what you like. Some of the class choices in Legion don’t fit my personal class fantasy, either. But if Legion‘s intent was to look at the full history of Warcraft for inspiration, Holy Paladins not using a shield is more canonically correct than them having one. In the RTS games, Paladins never had shields, even the holy protector types like Uther. They had a big ol’ hammer and a tome at their hip.

Holy Paladins in WoW have always had a shield so I understand players wanting to keep them, but the fantasy of the Holy Paladin in Warcraft lore overall is the hammer and the tome. That was the iconic Paladin thing.


What did I do wrong in Val’sharah?  I completed the “That’s Val’sharah Folks!” achievement, but I didn’t hit honored!  I thought  honored was guaranteed by doing the story.

If Honored is guaranteed by doing the story, then I missed a whole lot of content in nearly every zone, because I think I ended most of them at Friendly. Personally, I haven’t heard anything about this Honored through the story thing, so I don’t know if it’s something Blizzard has mentioned or if it’s some kind of rumor or what. Genuinely clueless. But I ended most zones at Friendly and hit Honored through World Quests and/or dungeons. If I recall correctly, I only finished Highmountain with Honored.


For the second time, I’ve DC’d while leaping from Skyhold. Both times, I’ve ended up logging back in ten feet in the air in a point in NW Azsuna, at 37.5, 17.7. Any idea why that’s the default spot? Seems very random, would expect it would pop me off maybe at the overall midpoint of the Broken Isles, like that old Death Grip/Booty Bay glitch that sent you on a magic journey to a boat under Hillsbrad.

I’ve had the same experience: Leap from Skyhold, get disconnected, end up in Azsuna. That may indeed by their default “we have no idea where you’re supposed to be right now” location this expansion. Maybe they’re a little smarter about it now — picking a mountain peak instead of a boat hidden beneath the terrain. Leaping to Stormheim and ending up in Azsuna is certainly irritating, especially when my hearth is down, but at least I ended up somewhere above-ground. I can still run to a flight path, making it only an inconvenience rather than a disaster.


I’m new to the class, and I find myself wondering…how often do you actually use Mind Control day to day? Is there ever a helpful use for it beyond flavor or running enemy toons off cliffs?

It’s great for CC if your dungeon party lets you use it — and the mob you want to MC isn’t immune to it. With original flavor Mind Control, the Priest MCs something in a pack of trash mobs while everyone else stands back. The mob the Priest has Mind Controlled gets ganked by its friends, then the tank picks up what’s left. With the talented Mind Control which makes the MCed mob a companion pet, you’ve totally eliminated a threat for the pull and made it your friend, while you’re still able to do your own DPS. That’s powerful.


I finally hit Highmountain and I encountered the Drogbar. They look all the world to me like Orcs, almost proto-Orcs. Of course, there shouldn’t be any proto-Orcs on Azeroth. Orcs are native to Draenor. But what if Draenor is actually another continent on Azeroth, and when Gul’dan blew it up, he merely blew it off the planet. Then Azeroth could have proto-Orcs and which the Drogbar could very well be.

The Drogbar reminded me of primitive trolls — their physique specifically reminded me of the big, beefy berserker trolls in Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman. And trolls were the ancient Azerothian races which mucked around with magic and weren’t pretty pretty butterflies like the Elves. To me, all signs pointed to Drogbar = Trolls. And then … I got the quest called Rock Troll in a Hard Place which more or less confirms it. The Drogbar are Rock Trolls.


I know that “not reading the quest text” is pretty much a WoW meme, but am I the only one here who has to make a conscious effort to motivate or remember reading follower mission text?  The fact that you can only read it at the start and end of the mission means I miss a lot of it!

I do this and I blame Warlords. At the start of Warlords of Draenor, I read every single one of those missions. Eventually, though, it got to the point where I’d read them all a thousand times so I stopped. After a year of not reading them, it’s hard to remind myself these ones are new and I should be reading them.


Does Chamption’s ilvls affect their strength when they’re a combat ally/body guard?

I don’t believe so, no. Their ilevel didn’t help them in Warlords, so I don’t think it would help them here, either. However, it’s easy to swap combat allies in and out, so I raise the ilevel on mine anyway in case I want her help on a mission.


We start with one artifact weapon for our primary spec.  How long would it take to get a second or third artifact weapon on the same character – for the other specs? I do not know the answer – but I think that may be Blizzard’s way of keeping some of us “busy” between content patches.   :-)

Does someone have an insight here?

Just acquiring those weapons? It comes quickly and easily. You get your first artifact right at level 100. You get your second at level 102. You get your third shortly after that. I have 16 traits each in both my Arms and Protection artifacts, and with the way trait costs scale, I could probably have around 14 traits in my Fury artifact if I care about it whatsoever, but I don’t, so I keep pumping power into Arms and Prot.

I don’t think I’m anywhere near “finished” with these because every trait is far, far more expensive than the last, but there’s no notable delay between acquiring the artifacts themselves.


Will you riot if Blizzard doesn’t give us an equivalent to the Flightmaster Whistle in every xpac? That thing is amazing!

The whistle exists to make World Questing not a pain-in-the-butt without flying mounts. You can venture out to a location, do your quest, then take a shortcut to a flightpath to get to the next one. If World Quests still exist in a future expansion, I imagine the Whistle or a Whistle-like item will exist, too. I would honestly consider the whistle to be part of the World Quest system. Without the Whistle, the system becomes a whole lot less enjoyable.


So, I finished my 1st artifact knowledge work order.  I get two scrolls that increase artifact power by 25%.   I use one on my resto druid staff and one on my feral fist weapons.   I then start using the artifact power objects in my bags but they didn’t give me any extra artifact power.   The 25AP ones gave me 25AP.   All of them gave me the exact amount that was advertised.

I feel ripped off.

I think you’re misunderstanding Artifact Knowledge altogether. You don’t apply it to one Artifact. It applies to your character as a whole. You didn’t give 25% to one Artifact and 25% to another, you activated both of them on your character, applying to all of your future Artifact Power gains. Note I said future gains — you can’t stockpile items to wait for your next Knowledge bump. Items you already have stay as they are, but items you gain after you use your Artifact Knowledge will be higher.

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