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The QueueOct 21, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Friday snooze

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!

I spent way too much time playing Civilization VI last night, so let’s do this thing.


Hey, so, is Glyph of Nightmares not available for Warlocks now as a tome or whatever? If not, is there still a ring or whatever they were talking about during the Beta that gave you water walking?

Nope. It’s gone. I’m not happy about that, but it is what it is, I suppose. Waterwalking is a strange issue and I have feelings about it. I have the Waterstrider mounts, and I was one of the people who was highly irritated when they were briefly nerfed during beta. I was annoyed by the nerf, but I also hate being tethered to that ugly bug mount. I’d like to see more waterwalking options, not less, because there isn’t anything particularly fun or interactive about crossing an enormous expanse of water by swimming through it. I view the strider’s waterwalking as less of an advantage and more of a method of avoiding irritation.

Glyph of Nightmares, on my Warlock, meant I was free from that ugly bug on at least one more character. More waterwalking options, please.


Why exactly do they disable scaling when certain world quests are active? As are areas that scale but if its a world quest everything must be 110. So if think a area is safe during leveling.. NOPE you dead cause scaling off for world quest.

Wandered into fel totem area on coast of highmountain and died. Another area is the naga area in north west azsuna which scales only if world quest isn’t active.

I don’t have an answer to this, but I wanted to make it visible anyway, because it’s pretty weird. The Broken Isles scale to level… except when it’s content aimed specifically at level 110 characters. Which means you become accustomed to scaling, and then you stumble into a level 110 mob (or entire area) and get splatted. In some cases, those mobs are actually disruptive to leveling. One of the Infernal mobs for the mining quests spawns on top of a quest mob in Highmountain, which means you either try to get the quest item before the giant level 110 elite kills you, or you wait around until a level 110 comes ’round to kill it for you. Yesterday, on our livestream, we stumbled across one of those bonestormy dudes right in the middle of our questing area.

I had assumed those sorts of mobs would be phased specifically to level 110s when I was first looking at World Quests, but they’re not. And that’s weird.


Do you use different transmogs depending on spec or just one for the class itself?

I am way, way too lazy to change my transmog every time I respec, so definitely on the class. I tend to settle on just one transmog for each of my characters which I feel fits their identity, and they’re the same character regardless of which spec they’re in, so I keep the same outfit. I try to find weapons for each spec which fit that outfit’s theme.


Have they announced the Blizzcon band yet?

Nope, and I don’t think any random band members have tweeted about being there this year, either. Personally, I’d like to see them go with something other than an aged rock band for once, just to mix it up. Whether it be an EDM DJ or something like Video Games Live, I don’t care. Mix it up! They used to do Video Games Live back when BlizzCon was new, so it’d be neat to go back to that again.


Now that expansion has been out for a rather long time as first patch is coming soon thought I would ask the following. Does anyone else feel like Legion has the worst graveyard placement of a expansion ever? Might be memory not remembering other expansions having it this bad but cannot go a week without someone in general chat bringing up how bad the graveyards are.

Yeah, graveyards are terrible in Legion, and also super inconsistent. In areas like Highmountain or Stormheim, where there’s a high likelihood your corpse might end up somewhere you can’t reach it on foot because you fell off of something, you can’t fly as a ghost. However, there’s an isolated area in Suramar City where, if you die, you can fly as a ghost… up to a point. I assume that flight is intentional because that part of the city has a ton of verticality, but maybe it isn’t. If it is intended, why isn’t that in effect in Highmountain or Stormheim?

Not to mention graveyards seem few and far between so you very well might end up running for ages to get back to your body. I understand they want some corpse run — no corpse run means there’s no drawback to dying at all — but the length of some of these corpse runs can be ludicrous.


I’m maining shadow priest this expansion, and I love almost everything about the class hall. The only thing I find a bit disappointing, with knowing all of the other class halls, is the lack of named NPCs. So far I haven’t seen another class hall with as many generic people as in the priest hall, unless I just haven’t seen enough of the others.

Roll a Warrior. The number of named NPCs in the Priest class hall will be downright mindblowing after spending some time in the Warrior class hall.

…and that’s today’s Queue! I suppose I didn’t answer many questions today so much as talk about questions, but oh well. Anne is up to bat again this weekend, so please be sure to ask her many wonderful things!

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