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Role Play: Warlock roleplay in Legion

Power. It’s a tempting thing, to have all the power in the universe. Warlocks walk a fine line with their allies, using powers wielded by the Burning Legion to work against it. Or are they? That’s what the world around you wonders, if you’re playing a Warlock character. Are you really working for good, or is it only a matter of time before you turn to evil?

Because that’s the thing about power – in Warcraft, it seems that power will almost inevitably corrupt you. Whether or not this is applicable to your character is up to you, of course. But in Legion, Warlock roleplay is hailed with an eye-opening glimpse down the rabbit hole of temptation.


Warlock history

Warlocks have been around in one form or another almost since the Burning Legion’s inception. Corrupted Eredar were among the first, and they passed their knowledge on to other races. The Orcs of Draenor learned to practice Warlock magic from Kil’jaeden himself. This fel magic pretty much drained the land of life, leaving only a barren landscape where verdant green fields once stood, and giving that sickly green cast to Orcish skin in return.

When the Orcs invaded Azeroth in the First War, there were those that were obviously horrified by the Warlocks among their ranks. And there were others who were fascinated by that display of power. The justification given for many practicing Warlocks was that by mastering fel magic, they could then use it against those who wielded it.

So you have Warlocks who stand against the Burning Legion – Warlocks that fight to bring it to an end. But you also have just as many – if not more — who are working for the Burning Legion. How do you tell the difference between the two? Theoretically, the one that isn’t killing you is on your side.

…for now.


Warlocks in society

Because of this, it’s very rare for anyone to trust a Warlock at first glance. Demon-enslaving masters of fel magic aren’t exactly a reassuring sight as much as they are a terrifying one. Your loyalties have likely been questioned at every turn, time and time again. And if you happen to come up with any brilliant plans, those plans are going to be thoroughly scrutinized by your peers.

In other words, life is not easy for a Warlock. It’s never been easy – and with the Burning Legion being such a prevalent threat this time around, you and your demons are an especially glaring reminder of what we are fighting. Even more so now that we’re uncovering demons hiding right under our noses – suspicions and tensions among the public are running high.

For many, many people, there is no such thing as a “good” warlock – there’s just a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. And the same goes for your peers. Other Warlocks may be studying the same magic as you, but you’ve got no way of knowing whether they’re fighting at your side…or merely biding their time until the moment they can cut you down.


Warlock character development

All of this makes for a character that could easily be shady and suspicious. Warlocks make great villains, because it’s almost as if they’ve been written into that role. If you want to play your Warlock as a villain character, it’s going to be incredibly easy to accomplish. People are almost expecting it of you, so why not fill the part they’ve chosen for you to play?

At the same time, there’s another level of character depth to look at here. If everyone around you is constantly questioning whether or not you’re evil, it’s not going to make you feel good. Somewhere along the line, the endless litany of suspicion is going to get old. And maybe your Warlock has grown bitter over the years, a good person yes, but full of sharp words and sarcasm.

From another angle, maybe your Warlock is the one who has decided to prove to the world that Warlocks can be good. Maybe they’re a beacon of eternal optimism in between all that demon-enslaving. Or maybe they’re desperate to prove that you can master that kind of power, without having it corrupt you. Either outlook is a pretty sharp contrast to how Warlocks are typically viewed, which can be fun to play with.


Warlocks in Legion

But here’s the kicker – no matter who your character is or how they’ve come to study the fel arts, the Burning Legion is here. Your character has gotten their first glimpse at just how powerful the Burning Legion actually is. The Warlock Class Hall is stationed out on a chunk of demon-infested world. And because of your actions, those demons have decided to swear their allegiance to you.

Basically, you’ve got a mini-Burning Legion of your very own at your command and ready to serve. On the one hand, this is great – you’ve got a veritable army at your disposal to try and take the Legion down. On the other hand…it’s a pretty blatant reminder of just what the Legion offers – power. Lots of it.

If there were ever a moment where your character’s true nature and resolve is tested, it would be now. Warlocks already walk a fine line between using the powers of the Legion, and being consumed by them. With the Legion actually right here, on our world, corrupting people left and right, your character is on the Legion’s “slightly more easy to corrupt” list. After all, you’ve tasted just what the Legion has to offer…would any begrudge you for wanting more?


Strength of character

What this expansion offers for Warlock characters is a chance to highlight that struggle of conviction that Warlocks go through every single day. Sure, your character could fall – but it makes it that much more satisfying when they manage to rise above.  It’s not quite a witch hunt, but Warlocks have never really been viewed favorably in the public eye – maybe Legion is a chance for them to achieve some modicum of respect.

And it’s also a chance for them to understand, really understand the power they hold in their hands. We’ve never seen the full extent of the Burning Legion before, but the Broken Shore served as a grim warning – the Legion is eternal. It’s overwhelming, it’s brutal, and it’s far, far more powerful than anything your Warlock might have imagined.

No matter which direction you happen to take your Warlock this expansion, there are more opportunities for deep character development than ever before. With your non-Warlock friends, it’s a chance to show them what you’re made of. With your Warlock allies, it’s a chance to take a deeper look at just what it means to be a Warlock, what you’ve sacrificed to get where you are. And with the Legion, it’s a chance to show them the true meaning of power…and what it feels like to face the full wrath of fel magic unleashed.

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