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The Queue: Cyberpunk

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How do you get prestige levels? I’ve been pvping for a couple weeks and I’m upto level 25 in the honor talent screen, but no indication of any prestige levels. I’m trying to unlock the artifact appearance trait so not sure where to go from here…

Once you hit Honor level 50, you can Prestige and reset yourself to level 1. And after some of the recent Honor/Prestige changes, I believe it might even be automatic — once you hit 50, you automatically Prestige and go back to 1. If you’re at level 25, you still have quite a ways to go.


I have a question about Transmog and deleting characters. I have a level 60-something Paladin I want to delete to make room for a server transfered character, but while doing low level dungeons on the Paladin he got some lucky drops. I don’t want to lose those somewhat appearances, so if I delete the character what will happen to the appearances he’s unlocked?

Once you’ve learned a transmog appearance, it’s tied to your account and not your character. You can safely delete your Paladin without any transmog losses whatsoever. Just make sure you’ve actually learned the appearances first — if it’s a BOE you like but you haven’t actually equipped it/made it soulbound, you need to do that first to add it to your appearances.


If I transfer a character (which I haven’t done before) is there anything I will lose or leave behind? Void Storage contents or something like that? I know there’s a gold limit, but is there any other restriction? Thanks!

I recommend Blizzard’s FAQ on the subject. Hit the dropdown menu and go to Restrictions and Limitations.


Why do fictional female hackers always wear heavy eye shadow with matching lipstick?

Bright colors are a hallmark of the cyberpunk genre. It started back when neon lights were becoming popular, and the lighting it created was a sign of the “future.” That imagery remains in the cultural consciousness even as neon is a thing of the past — LEDs are still bright and bold and science fiction loves to slap LEDs on everything. Rather than the long, winding stripes of color, cyberpunk and science fiction integrates brilliant points of light. And, sometimes, they use both. Bright colors with either points of light or sweeping lines of it are a visual shorthand for “this is futurey tech stuff.”

Lipstick and eyeshadow are a way of integrating those bright elements into facial features, and not only the lighting elements, but the overall color scheme of the character. It’s bold and engaging, and it’s worth considering that in a visual medium, you’re going to be looking at a hacker’s face more than you would, say… a barbarian warrior. Creating a facial structure and design that can be as engaging as an intricate suit of armor becomes an important detail. If that hacker is not set in the future, they more often than not use dark makeup — lending them a sense of power and severity they can’t otherwise express through raw physicality. They’re not breaking skulls, but their facial features tell you they still mean business.

Even Boris in Goldeneye — a male character — came with the combination of sharp, expressive facial features and brightly colored shirts to give him an effective visual presence on-screen.


Do you think Blizzard is going to make some of the Suramar dungeons available as a heroic via LFD?

Yes! This was announced at BlizzCon for, I believe, patch 7.2. Court of Stars and The Arcway will receive queueable Heroic versions. Karazhan will, too, but they’re splitting the dungeon into two wings for LFD purposes.

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