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The Queue: NyQuil Edition

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I got hella sick after getting home from BlizzCon. Whether it’s con crud or some airport ailment, I don’t know. What I do know is I just took my evening medication (which is not, in fact, NyQuil) and boy, I feel it. Let’s hope I can keep it together for a Queue.


were you disappointed in your class hall campaign?

Yes, but I think it may be a personal issue rather than anything necessarily wrong with the story. The Titan stuff is, to me, the most boring part of Warcraft lore, especially the various Watchers who are just real world mythological figures (or their Marvel Comics variant) with a slight spelling change. Therefore, the Warrior class hall was a bunch of stuff which actively annoyed me and destroyed my immersion in the gameworld. I do not want to hang out with Odyn and the Ulduar Boyz.


Where did Kirin Tor Emissaries go? Has this been answered yet?

Yep! The WarcraftDevs Twitter account addressed it last week:


Further comments from the devs on Twitter suggest the Kirin Tor emissary is supposed to be somewhat special compared to the other emissaries. They don’t want players doing the puzzle boxes, ley races, and so forth every few days just like everything else.


why is thunder totem set up like an expansion’s main city, with its own map and chat channel

I really, truly have no idea. It’s a strange one; Thunder Totem gets its own map, but it isn’t even a particularly useful map. I’ve been assuming it’s set up that way because the area has a lot of verticality and WoW players, in previous expansions, have shown they’re particularly bad at dealing with vertical spaces … but I don’t feel like the map they created for the place actually helps. Then again, I don’t struggle with vertical spaces much — places like Vashj’ir caused me no struggle. Maybe those maps do, in fact, help the people who need them.

It’s possible they had more planned for Thunder Totem at one point or another, but I don’t think so. Thunder Totem had no sign of cut content even in early beta. There was the Wrathion switcheroo, but that didn’t take place in the city itself. Who knows?


Has anyone heard whether or not Blizz is planning a fix for Grappling Hooks? Aiming for a hook and going the opposite direction

I’ve heard nothing, but the hooks have been this way since they were first implemented in the alpha/beta. I’d be surprised if they ever get fixed. I haven’t put substantial testing into them so I could be very, very wrong, but I think some of the grapple points send you to the closest hook rather than the hook you clicked on. So, for example, if you keep bouncing back and forth between two hooks regardless of what you click on, you can move a couple steps further away from the one you don’t want and you’ll no longer go to that one unintentionally.

Did that sentence make sense? Boy, I hope so. Medication, take me away.


Patches, including raid, seem to be coming out way fast. Does this signal a major content lull starting next summer?


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