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The QueueNov 16, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Dragons fly in the sky

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!

If you didn’t read today’s headline to the tune of the Reading Rainbow theme, you’ve done it wrong.


What’s your favorite Artifact ability or effect?

Of the classes I play, the Arms Warrior artifact ability to apply an AOE Colossus Smash debuff with Warbreaker is incredible. When I discovered the effect during our launch livestream, I recall cackling aloud with glee. Applying a Colossus Smash to everything before a Bladestorm or some Whirlwind spam is so, so good.


What class do you think is best suited to farming old content? IE; hitting old raids for battle pets, mounts, etc. I’ve been doing it on my bear druid, and it just seems to take ages because, you know, melee. I figure a good raid farmer needs mobility (especially speed), and aoe spells/abilities. My first thought is mage, but I don’t have any experience with other classes at max level, so was wanting folks input.

I suspect mage would actually be one of the worst options depending on how old the content. Anyone and everyone can destroy Molten Core with ease, but the more recent the content, the more difficult it will be to solo. Mages are squishy spellcasters and will struggle. Melee classes (or hunters) are actually often the best at soloing old content. They’re resilient, they don’t have cast bars, they usually have some kind of cleave, and they usually have some sort of self-sustain self-heal.

Death Knights are tanky with great self-preservation abilities. Hunters can dish out damage while their pets tank — and can keep their pet alive. Certain Warrior specs are tanky with great self-healing, too. A Mage needs to blow up the boss before the boss blows them up. It’s a race — and a far more stressful one. Your Druid is actually a pretty good option, even if it’s slow.


Do the people of Alterac still exist somewhere? Their kingdom was razed but is there somewhere in game where the people might have set up a village?

We don’t really know. It certainly isn’t represented in-game and the kingdom is generally treated as completely extinct. All we see are remnants such as the Syndicate and maybe some cultists who have hooked up with the Twilight’s Hammer/Argus Wake. If we had a map which represented the full size and scope of Azeroth rather than the miniaturized in-game version, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some holdouts here and there.

At the same time, it’s also believable that they could’ve been totally wiped out or absorbed into something else. Little outlying villages do not survive very well in a time of war and conquest. Little villages survive based on the protection of nearby ruling lords and the forces they command. When the nobility structure collapses, people are ripe for the picking. Either someone else moves in to offer their protection, thus making that village no longer a part of its former kingdom, or the people pick up and run like hell to find somewhere safe. The people of Alterac may have integrated into Lordaeron … to then become zombies. Or maybe they followed Varian Wrynn all the way south to Stormwind, making them citizens of Stormwind and not Alterac.

If there were any towns or villages which clung to life after the fall of Alterac, they’re probably long gone at this point, sacked by orcs or ogres or whatever.


Do you think we’re getting flying unlocked in 7.2 because that’s the last Azeroth based Legion patch? No flying on Argus in 7.3?

That does seem likely, yes. Patch 7.2 appears as if it will wrap up the parts of the Legion story which occur on Azeroth, so they might as well open up flying on Azeroth at that point. And whatever Argus contains, it’s going to be a self-contained area which will most likely be a no-fly zone.

It’s possible there will still be bits of content added to the Broken Isles post-7.2, but if so, it won’t be new lands or new zones. It’ll be additions to current regions and allowing players to fly to them wouldn’t be such a big deal. Much like, if they added a new quest hub to Elwynn Forest, they wouldn’t disable flying in Elwynn.

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