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The QueueDec 5, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Why always with the Monday thing?

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!

I finally watched Luke Cage this weekend. I can’t believe I waited so long. If you haven’t seen it, do it.

Today’s header image is irrelevant. I picked one at random. That’s just the kind of day it is.


Can you only hold one the drops you get from the shoulder enchants at a time, such as Harvested Goods? I’ve never had more than one at a time. I’m worried another won’t drop until I open the one I have, so I always open it right away. Wondering if that’s unnecessary.

Nope. They’re not unique or anything like that. I don’t open mine until I go back to Dalaran so I can dump all of the contents into the bank all at once. However, they’re fairly rare. Some days, after doing a big round of world quests, I might have only gotten one by the time I hearth home. Other days, I’ll have 2-3.


How many max level alts do you have?

Two if you count my livestream character which I typically only play while streaming with the crew. If you don’t count that character, my only 110 other than my main is my Priest who I leveled specifically so I could heal dungeons, but… I actually haven’t played her very much after hitting 110. What gametime I put into Legion typically goes into my main. I don’t have quite as much free time to play as I used to, and what time I have, I’d rather put that into one character.


Is it my imagination, or have there been fewer WQ on the map than when they originally started?

It’s not your imagination. Everyone’s been experiencing that. I don’t think it’s intentional. Often, there are more World Quests active than the map is actually indicating. The Warden Tower PVP quests, for example, are always supposed to have roughly the same number of them active in a 24-hour period. When I looked at my map this weekend, I didn’t see any of them. However, if I visited all of the locations where they could spawn, there were some active. They just weren’t marked on the map. I think this is the same for other World Quests, too. I didn’t have enough quests to complete my Highmountain emissary on Saturday going purely by what was on the map.

I think they tinkered with something since patch 7.1 and broke it.


If you could choose a setting and time for a WC4, where/when would you put it?

Honestly? I would ignore World of Warcraft. All of it. The game world isn’t set up for an RTS anymore. They’ve transitioned the gameworld to one custom-built for RTS mechanics into one custom-built for epic RPG mechanics. The factions, the landscape, the narrative — it simply isn’t an RTS story anymore. They’d need to break down everything World of Warcraft established to have the various pieces required to make a fleshed out RTS again.

If they were doing Warcraft 4, instead of dismantling World of Warcraft, just… ignore it. Pick up after Warcraft 3. The world is screwy after what went down in The Frozen Throne and everybody is trying to carve up the land to prep for what the Lich King has brewing up north.

If they kept what World of Warcraft has established, you’d need to explain why all of the playable races in the Horde and Alliance are flying solo instead of collaborating like they’re supposed to. Or, if you create a situation where the Horde and the Alliance splinter again, that just seems a bit silly.


have you ever used the wrapping paper in game to give a gift?

I’ve tried many times, but what you can or can’t use it on feels so restrictive and arbitrary, I don’t bother anymore. If I remember correctly, you can’t use it on things that are unique, you can’t use it on unique-equipped items, you can’t use it on stackable items, you can’t deposit gifts in a guild bank to create a Christmas Morning experience for guildies, and so on.

If I want to give people something, I just give it to them.

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