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The QueueDec 12, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Winter wonderland

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!

We finally got our first real round of snow here in Wisconsin and I’m pretty stoked. I’ll be sick of it before winter’s over, I’m sure, but the first snow of the season is always pretty great.


What did they do to Ret Paladin? i feel weak, i have to eat food to gain health, another spec i wish to go back to Warlords desgin, when it was all about procs and flashing party lights, i can keep myself healed most of the time.

This is one of the reasons I stopped playing my Retribution Paladin this expansion, honestly. From what I understand, this gets much better at max level after you’ve geared up a bit, but Ret felt so weak while leveling, I couldn’t be bothered. If every class was like that while leveling, maybe I’d muscle through it… but from what I’ve seen so far, Retribution is the only class/spec with this problem. I’ve played other melee classes, I’ve played casters, I’ve played tanks and healers, and Retribution is the only one that needs to worry about health/mana while leveling. As far as I can tell, it’s the only one with downtime at all.

I wasn’t interested in feeling like a chump throughout the leveling process — and the new rotation isn’t even fun to play. To me, anyway.


What happens if genji does his sword block thing on Mei’s wall?

Mei’s ice wall isn’t a projectile, so nothing happens. However, he can reflect Mei’s ultimate if he manages to deflect it while it’s still in its projectile form, before it starts spewing snow.


any chance Blizzardwatch will be putting together something at some point to compile a spoiler filled account of what story stuff happens in each class hall campaign, I’ve done Demon Hunter and Druid (druid one left me very unsatisfied by comparison) but I don’t know that I’ll have it in me to get the rest of my alts to 110 and see their stories in anything even remotely resembling a reasonable time frame.

Maybe, but maybe not? We’ve seen requests for this a lot and it’s understandable, but even across our entire staff, I’m pretty sure we haven’t done all of them, either. Ultimately, we’re in the same situation you guys are. Completing an entire class campaign takes a hefty time investment. Picking a number at random, let’s say there are 6 classes none of our central staff have played. Even if we assign each of them to different people, that assignment would take how many hours to complete? At minimum, we’d need to take that character from 100 to 110. Potentially, we’d need to get that character to 100 first, if we don’t have one already. Then there’s the class hall content that takes place at level 110. The playtime alone would make it an exceedingly long assignment before the writing process even begins.

I’m not saying it’s out of the question or it’s impossible. It’s just one hell of a lengthy process for a relatively small outcome and we’d need to weigh that against other duties/responsibilities. And, honestly, it’s probably been crowdsourced in places like Wowpedia already. This is definitely one of those things that’s going to be easier for a large group of people to do versus a relatively small group of people.


Is there any class hall champions that you wish had the Combat Ally/Bodyguard trait, but doesn’t?

Kor’vas for my Demon Hunter. My Demon Hunter isn’t 110 yet, but I’ve ever-so-slowly been working on it. Kor’vas is the character I’ve wanted to hang out with since Illidan’s Harbingers short, and given she has an actual recurring speaking role in-game, I totally expected she’d be one of the Combat Allies in the Demon Hunter class hall. Heck, the dialogue she has in the class hall even makes it sound like you and Kor’vas are buddies, so it’d make sense for the two of you to be working together in the field. Nope, she’s just another schmuck to send on missions, and the actual combat allies are some goofuses I don’t really care about.

My understanding is one of the Combat Allies changes slightly depending on who you pick to be your pal at the end of the Demon Hunter starting experience, but it’s still not Kor’vas.


Heh I finally died on the Thunder Totem elevator. Ever notice all the skeletons are usually on the edges? Yeah I jumped down before the elevator had reached top and somehow “slipped” into the crack on the edge of the platform and fell to my death.

Yep, that’s how it always happens to me on that elevator. I figure hey, it’s only gone a few feet, that fall won’t kill me. Then I jump… and the elevator isn’t flush to the wall, so I slip between the wall and the elevator and splatter.

Honestly, Azeroth as a whole needs to stop making elevators until they get their health and safety situation figured out.

And that’s all for today’s Queue! As a parting note, in case you didn’t see it in the comments on Friday, the latest installment of Lady Superior is now available. Enjoy! Or don’t. It’s up to you, really.

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