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The Queue: Woe

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Heirlooms: are they dead? I have friends who have said they’re waiting for Heirlooms and flight to put time into some of their lower priority alts… and yet… I have this feeling that we’re done with heirlooms. Has any statement been made from Blizzard that I just missed to put their support to 110 on the radar?

They’re not dead because you can still use them up to their current max level, even if it isn’t 110. Whether or not they’ll get a 110 upgrade, I have no idea. I don’t think they’ve said anything. I’d guess, if they do it at all, it will come fairly late in the expansion when they want to encourage alts to fill a content lull. Personally, I don’t think the leveling process in Legion is particularly long, nor have I felt a need for flight. However, I’m one of those people who thinks the game is better off without flight… so who knows?


So, Legion starting zones + crafting professions. We’re supposed to get to start questing any any of four zones. Except that the profession quests I’ve gotten right off the bat in Dalaran all seem to want to send me to Azsuna (Enchanting & Alchemy on my paladin, Tailoring on my priest). Unless I’ve simply not found it, there doesn’t seem to be a way — at least at level 100 — to get to Azsuna from Dalaran without first using my class hall board to choose to quest in Azsuna. My paladin had already chosen to quest in Stormheim before she got her profession quests. My priest will be starting in Azsuna, but she waited to choose until after she’d gotten the profession quest to that zone. Now my warlock/scribe is being asked to choose a zone, and if the profession quest pattern holds, I imagine she’ll be sent to Azsuna as well.

What gives? I see two options given my limited information at this point:

1) Start every toon in Azsuna and be bored with the same quests on each of them or 2) Start wherever I want and worry that my professions are on hold until I can get to Azsuna.

This isn’t a question, but I wanted to take a moment to echo what you’re saying here. This was something I noticed as soon as they began implementing professions in the beta and I’m baffled it stayed this way. Nearly every profession, or at least every profession I’ve tried, sends me to Azsuna before I can start doing anything else. Given Legion specifically allows you to start anywhere, I couldn’t believe they were taking this approach. Why do they all start in Azsuna? If you can start in any zone, why start every profession with a quest that sends you to one in particular? Shouldn’t those sorts of quests be reserved for endgame?

This is one contributing factor as to why none of my alts are going to take professions in this expansion. I don’t want to start every character in Azsuna, and I don’t want to have to go back and grind all of it out at 110. On top of all of the other profession-related frustrations in this expansion, they’re seriously not worth doing.

I respect that they tried to make professions more interesting in Legion. Ultimately, though… they didn’t. They just kind of suck.


What’s the most frighteningly highest place you’ve ever been?

I’m not afraid of heights, but I don’t think I’ve been anywhere particularly high. Unless you count a plane. I can’t claim to have ascended a New York skyscraper or anything, but I have been fairly high up in a tower in San Francisco when visiting a certain company. I’ve been at the top of the tower at Holy Hill, but that’s only 192 feet high, which felt much higher as a kid. To be fair, the tower is itself atop Holy Hill, so the view is more impressive than 192 feet suggests. Because, yknow, it’s a hill.

My scariest moment where heights are involved wasn’t due to the height, but what was involved in getting up there. I’ve been at the top of the Marquette University bell tower here in Milwaukee. Again, it’s not a particularly high location, but ascending to the very top involves extremely narrow metal staircases which clang with every step, moving among bare metal support structures. I’m sure it’s sturdy or they wouldn’t let people up there, but it totally gave off the vibe it’d collapse at any moment. Once you got to the top, though, it was a beautiful thing.

Like I said, I don’t think I’m afraid of heights. But maybe I’ve just not been high enough to trigger the hidden terror. So far, heights are pretty sweet. I love the perspective it provides. The world feels completely different up high compared to on the ground.


I am finally nearing max level on my main. Is there a certain order to the quests in Suramar that will give me maximum benefit and minimum frustration? Are there quests that just don’t provide the payoff for all the time spent completing them?

Suramar guides you along. The story plays out as your reputation bar progresses, so as long as you’re doing the activities which grant you reputation, you won’t miss the major story beats. There’s no wrong way to do it. While you’re doing the story-based activities, you’ll naturally stumble across the sidequests littered throughout the zone. Suramar is definitely not a sandbox like some previous max-level zones. The story it tells is a linear one. Do everything as they give it to you.


I rewatched most of the Legacy of the Void cinematics last night while eating dinner. Found out why something has been bugging me.

Many of the Protoss, when they light up their psionic blades make a fist first and then turn them on while pointing their arms down.
Due to the Protoss’ odd physique & lanky arms they then look like angry gorillas. This makes them look primitive by our IRL human perspective, and that contradicts the “highly-evolved and elegant” paradigm the Protoss & their culture seem to portray.

In contrast… It was mentioned in a comment here recently that the inspiration for the psionic blades was the lightsaber from Star Wars.
If you watch the trained Jedi (I’m excluding the Sith who are individuals, young Obi-wan who’s often cocky, and untrained Rey) in the Star Wars movies, they almost always hold their lightsaber upward when turning it on and they then pause, rarely aggressive on the attack.
We think of the lightsaber as “an elegant weapon for a more civilized age” so turning it on in front of your vulnerable body & face says “here is my weapon, shall we duel?” and also protects those vulnerable parts of the body.

So, Q4TQ: why would the Protoss light up their psionic blades and hold them pointing down?
Is it because they fight so many zerglings, which are shorter than them, that they just most often prep for a low fight?
Or because they have personal energy shields so they don’t immediately feel the need to protect their heads?
Or because psi energy for a weapon is best generated from rage, so acting primal fuels the blade best?

It looks cool.

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