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The QueueJan 23, 2017 11:00 am CT

The Queue: All Stabbing’s Eve

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!


Is there any rationalization for not adding transmog NPCs to other capital cities, beyond “Blizzard can’t be bothered”? Or, for that matter, the “turn off/on XP” NPCs?

I like using the XP on/off feature when I’m trying to not outlevel zones when questing. Or my current project, where I’m leveling a bunch of toons together on an RP server, keeping them all at the same level. I got everybody to 30 and then turned off their XP while they got their profession skills caught up, but now it’s time to start letting them gain XP again. So my night elf druid was in Ashenvale last night, and I wanted to have him start gaining XP again … *sigh* fly all the way back to Teldrassil, wait forever for the boat to Stormwind, sail to SW, run all the way from the harbor to the very back of SW Keep … just to talk to one NPC for three seconds.

Same thing for transmogging, if my Alliance toon is questing in Kalimdor and is a long flight away from Teldrassil or Ratchet.

Blizzard tends to use these things to filter people toward the capital city they want most populated. They want people in Dalaran for Legion content, but beyond that, they want to centralize the population in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Making those cities the most convenient ones to use naturally filters people in that direction.

It definitely is obnoxious as a low level player, but I’ve always felt like they try to discourage low level players from wasting their gold on transmog, anyway. If you have a max level main, you can bankroll whatever you want, including the yak mount which comes packaged with a transmog vendor. If you’re a brand new player, Blizzard tucks the NPCs out of the way a little so you don’t get caught up in something not yet important.

As for turning XP off, that’s another NPC who is intentionally hidden. The intent of that feature is not to repeatedly turn XP gains on and off for questing purposes. If you’re going to outlevel a zone, Blizzard doesn’t consider that a problem. If you want to do that zone to completion, doing a bunch of grey quests isn’t going to give you much XP anyway. The NPC for turning XP off is stealthed and tucked away in an area with a bunch of PVP-related NPCs because it’s for … PVP. Twinks (low level characters kitted out to the teeth by a high level main) can turn off XP to compete in, for example, the level 20 PVP bracket forever with other level 20 twinks.

Blizzard doesn’t want people turning XP on and off over and over again. They definitely don’t want players to find that NPC and accidentally turn XP off and screw themselves.


I was busy today and didn’t do any of the AQ stuff (which I thought I would). My question is does anyone really care since there are no achievements, etc involved? Has Blizzard made a mistake with not putting in achievements for the micro-holidays?

I was actually really excited for micro-holidays…but I was busy enough this weekend, I forgot to participate. I wasn’t so busy I couldn’t have participated, but caught up enough I simply forgot to log in during my free time. Given I’m rather annoyed with myself right now, I suppose that means I cared!

Honestly, I’m not an achievement hunter. I’m not big on collections. I don’t care about pets or mounts unless there’s a particularly cool one that catches my eye. I do, however, love new playable content, and micro-holidays seem like a good way to keep the game fresh as long as there are new ones with enough regularity. Missing out on the first one already makes me sad!


Do you think Blizz will ever add/modify a “utility” spec for pure-DPS classes? E.g. tank-spec for rogues, warlock heals, etc.

Considering they’ve yet to do so, I’m guessing they won’t. Certainly, I’ve always been interesting in seeing a tanking rogue spec ever since Dragon Age 2 and RIFT let me do it. Swashbuckler/duelist styles of tanking seem really cool and were fun to play in those games. However, WoW has taken some of those mechanics, repackaged them with different aesthetics, and turned them into, for example, Monk tanking or Demon Hunter tanking. They seem far more interested in adding new classes than expanding upon what already exists.


If I were to troop a line of mammoths around Dalaran, in which direction should they march?

If you’re an agent of order, clockwise. If you’re an agent of chaos, counter-clockwise.

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