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The Queue: Island paradise

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Here is a conundrum. Heroes of the Storm has a special event where if you win two games as Cho’gall, you get…. Cho’gall.

Cho’gall is not a free hero.

This means you need a friend who already has Cho’gall to play with you, or you need to buy Cho’gall to play him in order to… win him?

This is correct. It’s also how Cho’Gall was originally distributed. They treated Cho’Gall as a “virus” you could spread to other players. But, like, a good virus. BlizzCon attendees all got Cho’Gall for free. For a limited time, someone without Cho’Gall could get it/him/them by playing Cho’Gall with someone who did have it.

This is a repeat of that initial Cho’Gall release wave.


Was there ever an expansion/release which broke your heart? One which took something away from a class to the point you’d no longer play it? Has there been an expansion/release which made you burst into the “happy-dance” because it finally fixed some long standing gripe you had?

I haven’t enjoyed playing my Paladin since they added Holy Power. That was Cataclysm, I think? Maybe? To me, it’s Rogue Combo Points but poopy. Combo Points run contrary to what I feel a Paladin should be like, so I just don’t play the character much/at all anymore. I haven’t even touched it this expansion.


Alex, Anne, Rossi, Liz and Mitch are stranded on a desert island, who’s the last one to survive?

Wait, we’re all stranded there together? I don’t think it would be a competition. We’ve survived stranded on the Deserted Island Called Life together so far. We know each other well enough to get on. Old age would have to take us, in which case Mitch would be the last one left, because he’s the youngest of us.


Why are the broken isles called that when Gul’dan lifted a single island. It should be the broken isle and those other islands. How are the islands broken? Did the Cataclysm move them? The main island is like WoW Australia its so ridiculously big on map.

I do take some issue with the plural “isles” given the majority of its landmass is connected. It’s mostly one isle with a couple of smaller ones… but I guess that makes the plural accurate, doesn’t it?

The Broken Isles were originally part of a larger continent, though, yes. Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms used to be connected along with Pandaria and the Broken Isles. It was one big megacontinent.


So?! I’m stuck at work. Has anyone played Probius yet? I need info people!

My assessment of Probius based on two matches played with a Probius in my group (but I wasn’t playing him) is he kind of sucks right now. He needs some variety of buffs, I think. He generally seemed not very effective and his Pylons/Photon Cannons were of negligible value. I think they eased off of his cannons to avoid stepping on Gazlowe’s turf, but in the process, they missed the Probe fantasy of being an annoying little turd summoning in structures. Instead, he’s kind of a one trick pony with his void zone combos. The StarCraft Probe being a mage with big nukes is bizarre.

It’s possible those individuals just didn’t play Probius very well and he has undiscovered potential. But we’ll see.

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