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The Queue: Rest well, big man

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In trying to convince myself that a faction divide softening HAS to be in the cards in WoW’s future given the pronounced unity theme in this expansion, I have to ask: Is the circle of Vengeance closed for Greymane’s part? I ask this because the feud with Sylvanas has been the entirety of the horde-alliance dispute this expansion (I’m sorry, but the “why did Sylvanas leave us?” angle is so easily solved I just don’t consider it a factor long term), and if Genn’s satisfied, they’ll have to invent a new reason to frickin’ HAVE a faction divide next expansion… which is exactly the kind of interval where Blizzard could end it. If Sylvanas dies and/or goes away somehow, Blightcaller is suddenly conveniently present with his own new model to be the forsaken leader, so eliminating the only objectively evil racial leader seems like a golden opportunity… IF Genn is satisfied.

So, is he, you think?”

I doubt he’s satisfied. He got vengeance for his son, but Genn lost all of Gilneas, too. The Forsaken robbed his entire kingdom from him. Heck, even if Genn is satisfied, the situation is now flipped. Sylvanas saw what she was doing as giving a future to the Forsaken. Genn took that from her. If anything, Sylvanas will now want to return fire on Greymane.

I don’t see the conflict from these two meeting any sort of resolution. They have a personal vendetta that goes in both directions.

While I think the faction divide is utterly silly and doesn’t jive at all with the overall story they tell in World of Warcraft, it’s probably here to stay. They’ll always find a reason to keep it around.


QftQ, with HotS 2.0 coming, who do you want as an announcer pack? For me, I want Leoric. I think he would make a fantastic announcer. Of course people want Deckard Cain and I can’t argue too much about that, but he isn’t a hero that you can play so I’m not sure they’ll ever do that.

First, I’d want Jaina Proudmoore mostly because I adore Laura Bailey’s voicework. She’s great. More Laura Bailey in Heroes? Also great.

Second, I feel like a Lucio announcer pack would be great for the self-esteem. Do a good job? Lucio would be the first to let you know. Mess up and die? Lucio would be there to let you know it’s okay, no big deal, you’ll do better next time, because you’re awesome.

Look at you! You’re gonna do great!


If anyone in Azeroth was able to lay down their gear, Undertaker style, and walk off into the night: Who has that right?

I don’t think Warcraft has any characters quite like that. The Undertaker has been a near-constant presence in the pro wrestling business for longer than most of the Blizzard Watch readership has been alive. He goes beyond being an entertaining character: he was influential in every level of the business. For the latter half of his career, he used his insane popularity often to uplift other talent in the industry rather than bury it. He was a headliner who used that to benefit everyone: up-and-comers were vaulted into the spotlight by being paired with or against ‘Taker.

The dude spent decades in the spotlight doing these things. There’s a human element to him characters in Azeroth simply don’t have. There’s no character in a video game who can claim they did the things Undertaker did. He didn’t become an icon simply by wrasslin’. If you want a person who embodies the Undertaker’s legacy, someone who left a mark on a generation and spent years uplifting others in a creative capacity… you’re probably looking at someone like Chris Metzen who already had that moment.


Where do you think Jaina is?

I don’t know where she is, but I hope she’s in Kul Tiras becoming a pirate queen to lead her armada against Azshara and N’Zoth in the next expansion.


Heroes 2.0: what currency buys which items?

Gold is used to purchase heroes and reroll the contents of a specific loot box. You can only reroll a loot box a certain number of times and the cost increases each time you reroll that box. Rerolling boxes is mostly intended for people who already own all of the characters and have no other purpose for their gold.

Gems buy loot boxes and “Featured Items” which are specific rotating skins. Otherwise, skins come from loot boxes. Loot boxes include all of the cosmetic rewards: Skins, Sprays, Banners, Announcers, Voice Lines, Emoji, and anything else I may have forgotten.

Any duplicates you get from loot boxes become Shards. Shards can be used to “craft” specific items. Is there a skin you really want but loot boxes aren’t giving it to you? Save up your Shards to craft it outright.

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