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The QueueApr 5, 2017 11:00 am CT

The Queue: For Skovos!

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!


Has anybody else noticed that, sometimes, in the Class Hall table missions you will add a champion that counters a threat only to reduce the success chance of the team? I haven’t been able to figure out why that happens.

Yes, but it’s usually because of a conflict in bonuses somewhere. For example, if you have champion who gets something like a 30% boost if they’re the only champion assigned to a mission, assigning a second champion to that mission will forfeit the 30% boost. Alternatively, you might have equipment which gives you a 20% chance to succeed on missions over 8 hours. You assign a new champion who reduces mission duration by 10%. If that 10% brings mission duration below 8 hours, you’ve lost 20% success chance.


Which has the more irritating voice(lines), harpies or the wyrmtongue on the broken shore

See, I don’t find the harpy voices irritating. Well, no, I definitely find them irritating — but they’re irritating in a way I appreciate. It’s fitting. They’re shrill and horrible and that’s wonderful. I particularly enjoy their rhyming line: “Flesh and bone to earth and stone!”

I wish more of their lines rhymed. That line makes them feel like a super creepy fairy tale creature and I love it. Meanwhile, the little treasure goblins mostly feel like an inferior version of the Diablo critter. They’re generic comedy relief. I don’t think the Burning Legion needed gag monsters as their trash mob.

The harpies don’t annoy me because they feel appropriate. The treasure goblins do annoy me because they don’t feel appropriate.


On the BW podcasts, what are the little theme musics? Did someone on the site write/compose them? Download from a site that gives music for free? Or are these Blizzard songs they allow for Blizzard-related material?

I don’t have links/sources on-hand, but it’s a piece of music we purchased a license for. We acquired the license something like two years ago so I have the link somewhere in the bowels of my email account, and honestly, I try to avoid going that far back in the hellscape that is my email as much as possible. It’s from a website that licenses music specifically for things like podcasts, Youtube, etc.


Ok so my whole guild is laser-focused on unlocking flight, and now defender of the broken isles is available… Does anyone know if there is any audible indicator of a zone coming under attack if you are not standing specifically in that zone? Like I’m sure it will become the default existence for awhile for all my people to be logged in and tabbed out waiting for Broken isles WQs and now invasions. Are there any notifications (especially sounds) at all for say, Azsuna coming under attack if you’re standing on the broken shore?

I don’t believe there’s any kind of audible notification, but the invasions hang around for six hours and show up on the world map. You’re not going to miss it if you don’t check your map every 30 seconds. You could open it once every hour or two hours and still have plenty of time to get out there and do it.


Is there any way to see the bottom of an item tooltip if you DON’T have a mousewheel? I use a rollerball mouse.

I don’t use a rollerball and I never have, so I don’t have an answer for this. However, I’m including it just in case someone in the comments does have an answer for you.


How is it for you to return to WoW after binging other games like ME:A? I can’t play WoW for now – slow combat, no story progression

I hadn’t thought about it until seeing your question, but I am feeling this, actually. I’ve played and adored both Horizon Zero Dawn and Mass Effect Andromeda recently. Coming back to WoW after both of those, I’m feeling like my playtime in WoW doesn’t have a point. Doing the same ol’ thing just isn’t satisfying anymore. I’ve been leaning on Heroes of the Storm instead because, while it has no narrative element, I get a big “You win!” or “You lose!” screen within twenty minutes. I feel like I’ve done something.

I’m sure I’ll get back into the WoW groove sooner or later, but I find it weird I almost need to detox from games that have a point and are rewarding to ease back into something pointless.

Maybe it’s the Suramar element, too. Suramar had a strong narrative and made gameplay feel like it had a purpose. Post-Suramar, the rest of the Broken Isles seem shallow in comparison.

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