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The Queue: I’d rather be outside

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If you could make one change to character creation (adding a feature, new customization options, etc.), what would it be?

I’d love more simple cosmetic options. Tattoos, makeup, whatever. I have absolutely no illusion Blizzard will ever add customizable body types, so I don’t even bother dwelling on it. They could totally add cosmetics applied directly to the skin, though. Tattoos would be rad, more little details to differentiate faces would be rad, stuff like that. If I went to give my Warlock some intense purple lipstick and crazy runic tattoos, I should be able to do that. I’m not sayin’ everyone should get Demon Hunter-style tattoos, but tattoos should still be on the table.


I’ve been leveling some (under 60) toons lately, and I’m noticing a LOT of old world named rates/elites i’ve never seen before. New?

I don’t think they’ve added new rares to the old world lately unless I’ve missed something. I’m fairly sure this is a phenomenon caused by a combination of their rarity and a smaller number of people actually leveling characters from 1. Their rarity means they may or may not be active the last time you went through a zone. But the fewer people leveling, the less frequently they’ll be killed, the more likely they’ll be active next time you pass through. I still run into rare spawns I’ve never seen before, yet they’ve been in the game for 6+ years. Luck, rarity, the sheer number of different rares, fewer people killing them, it all factors in.


Anyone try D.Va yet In Heroes?

I did! As always, it’s hard to judge whether a character is good or bad within just a couple days of release unless they’re super overpowered or super underpowered. In the case of D.Va, my initial reaction is her Meka is way too squishy for her to be effective on the front line or disrupting the back line. She gets knocked out of it super quickly — and its damage is terrible, so it doesn’t feel like you can get much done while you have it, either. Hilariously, talenting into Pilot Mode seems like the most effective thing to do. D.Va with her pistol does a surprising amount of damage.

I got to the point where I stayed in Pilot Mode as long as I could and only called down my Meka if I was in danger of dying. Getting knocked out of my Meka was not a punishment. It was almost a relief.

My gut reaction says they need to pull some power away from Pilot Mode and put it into Meka Mode. Getting knocked out of my Meka should be terrifying — I should feel like I need to run in panic and keep myself alive until I can call down a new one, and managing to get a new one without dying should feel awesome. Instead, shedding my Meka ASAP feels like the right play. That’s weird.


What’s the Broken Shore quest this week?

Loot some chests. Yay.


Does anyone else think that the Anduin comic that came out before Legion actually takes place AFTER our current Broken Shore encounter? I looked at it again, and am pretty sure that certain items in that comic were not available to Anduin until we complete the quest line.

At this point, I assume that comic inhabits the same space as most of World of Warcraft’s published media. It has a dubious place in the timeline and is only game canon until the devs choose to ignore it, which they have done. The game gladly ignores all tie-in media whenever it wants and this is no exception. In the comic, Anduin already had the sword. In the game, he didn’t. In the comic, Old Man Anduin was jetting around in the Exodar. In the game, we’ll find out whether or not that’s true in 40 years or so.

The developers really, truly do not seem to give one crap about what their publishing wing does.

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