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WoWSep 1, 2017 8:53 pm CT

Latest WoW hotfixes address Mythic Fallen Avatar and more

Another round of WoW hotfixes has been released, just in time for the weekend. Today’s list includes several bug fixes, including a round for Druids, Mages, Priest, and Shaman. Druids using Glyph of Stars should now be seeing the new casting animations for both Sunfire and Moonfire, while Discipline Priests are losing their mid-air shuffle when combining Levitate and Light’s Wrath.

For raiders hitting up the Tomb of Sargeras on Mythic difficulty, things got just a little easier. The Fallen Avatar encounter received a few gentle nerfs to Mythic difficulty, including reduced damage and reduced fissures from Touch of Sargeras. And scribes may want to make a note, Technique: Glyph of Fel-Touch Shards is temporarily no longer dropping from Inquisitor Vethroz due to a bug. Read on for the full list of hotfixes.

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  • Orix the All-Seer’s turn-in quests have been replaced with a vendor list.
  • Some Fel Spreader models are no longer incorrectly displaying as an Ethereal Holoplatform.


  • All players are now granted “Part of History” at level 110.


  • Druid
    • Druids with the Glyph of Stars should now see the new casting animations for Sunfire and Moonfire.
  • Mage
    • Time and Space trait correctly echoes Arcane Explosion at the location of the previous Arcane Explosion.
  • Priest
    • Discipline Priests will no longer shuffle in the air when combining Levitate and Light’s Wrath.
  • Shaman
    • Stormkeeper now buffs Lava Beam Overloads.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Some lower level dungeon quest mobs now drop their quest items more frequently.
  • Tomb of Sargeras
    • Goroth
      • Now once again displays the correct visual effects.
    • Fallen Avatar
      • Touch of Sargeras now creates 4 fissures in Mythic difficulty (was 5 fissures).
      • Touch of Sargeras damage reduced by 10% in Mythic difficulty.
      • Fallen Avatar now generates 20% less energy when Tainted Matrix and Corrupted Matrix beams are not intercepted by players.
      • Fixed an issue where some players falling into the second phase of the fight took unintended damage.
    • Kil’jaeden
      • Now once again displays the correct visual effects.


  • Crystalline Swords should no longer freeze in midair.

Player versus Player

  • The Dutiful PvP companions should now be purchasable once players reach Prestige 7 on any character.
  • Stealth and Invisibility effects will be removed when assaulting bases in Domination battlegrounds such as Arathi Basin.


  • Due to a bug, Technique: Glyph of Fel-Touch Shards will temporarily no longer drop from Inquisitor Vethroz

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