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WoWSep 1, 2017 6:00 pm CT

Patch 7.3 undocumented changes

As always, new patches often include changes that don’t quite make it into the official patch notes. Some of these may have been known or present on the PTR and some were actually discussed at Gamescom, while others are completely new. But for anyone keeping up with the patch 7.3 notes, these are some of the interesting changes that snuck in. Check out Wowhead’s post and the Reddit thread for all the changes people have noticed.

  • Tomb of Sargeras: Infernal Spike on Goroth now has a purple explosion when it explodes and Spear of Anguish on Desolate Host now ignores immunities.
  • Black Temple Timewalking loot has been increased from 900 to 930 item level. The Outland Timewalking event will next be up October 17-24.
  • Waypoints and directional arrows have been added to raid maps to indicate doors and stairs, most notably old Karazhan and Tomb of Sargeras for now.
  • Immerseus in Siege of Orgrimmar is now easier to solo. Each Puddle add takes more health off of Immerseus, drastically cutting down the number of waves needed to kill him.
  • Low level dungeons are now on personal loot, so you don’t have to worry about that one person rolling need on everything.
  • Timewalking loot has been upgraded to 880 item level, both drops from the dungeons and gear from the Timewalking vendors.

  • Dressing Room for previewing items has been updated and is much larger with the Class Hall background instead of racial background.
  • You can jump while under the effects of Levitate and Wraith Walk.
  • Falling effects are now in more of an arc rather than a straight plummet when they fade off (Levitate, Slow Fall, Goblin Glider Kit, Demon Hunter Glide).
  • Seafarer’s Slidewhistle from the Darkmoon Faire now has a 1 minute cooldown, up from 10 seconds. This is likely because of the noise it makes. It also can’t be used in combat anymore.
  • Broken Isles Recipe Scrap can drop from Nomi’s work orders now.
  • Reputation requirements appear to have been removed from some toys.
  • Eye of Inquisition pet can now be caged and sold or traded.
  • Astral Recall now shares a cooldown with Hearthstone.
  • Zidormi has been added to the Peak of Serenity to swap between the current and past versions of the zone.
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