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Overwatch 2May 16, 2018 2:00 pm CT

Pink Mercy has already inspired cosplay and fan art

Blizzard Entertainment released the Pink Mercy skin in Overwatch earlier this month. Not only is it for a good cause — all proceeds going to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation — but it has inspired the Overwatch community’s creativity in a big way. While the game’s community has always possessed a wealth of creativity, the reaction to Pink Mercy is impressive even by the lofty standards we’ve come to expect. Within mere days of the skin’s initial announcement, cosplayer RinnieRiot tweeted the first picture of her new Pink Mercy costume:

Within one day of the skin’s release, community artist MK/RET completed their Pink Mercy fan art in tribute to their mother who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. MK/RET has made the speed paint video available on YouTube.

And there’s truly no shortage of amazing Pink Mercy fanart.

Personally, I’m quite enamored with this artist’s vision of Pink skins for other Overwatch heroes:

Mercy, being a doctor, is the natural recipient of a breast cancer awareness skin. However, these variants for other heroes are adorable, too — and I honestly love Hanzo’s outfit.

And, naturally, we have a soft spot for Overwatch ‘shipping, because who doesn’t? As silly as ‘shipping can often be, there’s no purer expression of fandom.


Some artists have taken this opportunity to blend two events together. In the month of May, artists around the world participate in the unofficial “MerMay” event. It isn’t something exclusive to Overwatch in any way; it’s just an excuse for artists to draw, paint, or generally create mermaids, just for fun, and sometimes they blend their fandoms into the Mermay festivities. Such is the case with this Pink Mercy mermaid:

And if traditional art forms don’t float your boat, how about some incredible nail art?

Pixel art, perhaps?

Are memes art?

Remember, if you want the Pink Mercy skin for yourself, it’s only available until May 21 — which is less than a week away. The skin is available for purchase for $15 USD, with all proceeds going to the BCRF. There’s also a Pink Mercy t-shirt available for $30, of which $15 will be donated to the BCRF. Alternatively, you could donate to the BCRF directly.

What other Pink Mercy fanart have you seen? Share them in the comments below and show their artists some love!

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