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WoWAug 9, 2019 4:00 pm CT

Azeroth is buzzing for bees, bee mounts, and bee items

Beelieve it or not but honey bees are fascinating little creatures. They can be happy, they can dance, and they can even recognize human faces. They’re positive little bugs that do a lot more than buzz and sting. So it’s nice to see them recognized in Azeroth with the patch 8.2.5 PTR.

The big news is that you can finally get yourself a bee mount. The Honeyback Harvester mount is available on the PTR and will go live with the 8.2.5 patch. This mount is a big bee born by batches of jelly. If you do all the prerequisite quests and follow our guide, you’ll be soaring around on a round friend.

There are a lot of other bee related items along the way though. Not only can you trade in your Thin Jelly for more jelly, you can use it to purchase stuff like the Beeholder’s Goggles or Glyph of Dire Bees. And as Wowhead found recently, you can even get a Tome of Hex: Living Honey to transform your Hexed foes into a blob of the sweet substance. Rogues can pick up the Super Sticky Honey which apparently makes their fingers no different than Winnie-the-Pooh’s paws.

Wowhead also discovered a whole BuzzFeed-esque ranking of favorite foods, sweetest beekeepers, and hated liquids. Tantalizing Nectar made it to second place on the Buzz Food’s list of top 10 favorite foods, while Bottled Tidebreak Water stands as the most hated liquid. Hopefully the full articles will appear on an April Fool’s Day post for the real site someday in the future.

Tangentially related to bees are the new butterfly battle pets. There’s the Papi, the Crimson Skipper, and the Sunsoaked Flitter. Each of these unleashes a different winged pet that comes with flavor text like “This butterfly is stained red from the blood of its enemies.” That way, you know your delicate pet can dish out damage without budging.

Whether it’s a big bee mount of a Hearthstone card that is simply-yet-accurately titled “BEEEES!!!”, the Warcraft universe is aptly embracing these little buddies. You won’t be able to log in without seeing a bee or two. And really, who could complain?

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