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WoW ClassicSep 11, 2019 3:00 pm CT

How to find the entrances of WoW Classic end game dungeons levels 45-60, including the mess that is Blackrock Mountain

The dungeons in the later levels of WoW Classic have lots and lots of quests to do and loot to score so you’ll find yourself repeating these quite frequently. If you’re lost and trying to find your way toward lower level dungeons, we have another article to help.

Zul’Farrak in Tanaris (Levels 44-54) is reasonably easy for everyone to find. Head west from Gadgetzan. It’s on the right, along the mountains. If you fall into Un’Goro Crater, you’ve gone too far.

Maraudon in Desolace (Levels 46-55) ranks up there with biggest dungeon. Horde, go to Shadowprey Village and run east. On your left should be a break in the hills where centaurs live. Go north and it’s in the back of the centaur village. Alliance, run south from Nijel’s Point to the Kodo Graveyard. It’s hard to find until you do it often, but at the southwest corner of the graveyard are a couple of centaur sentries guarding the entrance to the centaur area. You head west to find the entrance.

Temple of Atal’Hakkar (Level 55-60) in Swamp of Sorrow is also an exceptionally long dungeon. Horde get to run east from Stonard and swim over to the entrance. Alliance, it’s a hike. You will have to run from Darkshire, through Deadwind Pass, and continue east through the whole of Swamp of Sorrows. It’s in the big lake in the eastern middle of the zone.

Blackrock Depths (Level 52-60) is located in Blackrock Mountain which straddles Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes. There are so many, many quests here from just regular one-and-done quests to the Onyxia attunement quest line. Horde, from Flame Crest in Burning Steppes, run west and take the south ramp. Alliance, run south from Thorium Point. Both factions will have to learn to climb the chain to get to the center column. Once you get to the center, run down that column and then run down the next chain to the entrance. Molten Core will be at this location when it opens. Turn right and run through a mine to the dungeon entrance.

Blackrock Spire

Lower Blackrock Spire (Levels 55-60) Once you are inside Blackrock Mountain, run along the the walkway to an entrance just beyond the chain you’d use to run to the center column. There is a passageway which leads you up to LBRS and the companion dungeon, Upper Blackrock Spire (Levels 55-60). There will be a lot of trash to kill along this route. The other method of getting to the dungeon is to find the chain which you run down to the center core. Go up instead of down and jump onto the deck outside the entrance to LBRS.

Scholomance (Levels 58-60) This was, hands down, my favorite Classic dungeon. It’s located in Caer Darrow in Western Plaguelands. Alliance, head north from Chillwind Camp until you reach the river and turn right. Run past all the undead in the cemetery. You’ll see it off in the distance. If you run along the southern shore of the river which becomes a massive lake, there’s a bridge which takes you into the city. Horde, you will need to run from Tirisfal Glades east through most of Western Plaguelands. Once you’ve passed the Ruins of Andorhal, head south by southeast until you hit water. You can swim to the island or run along the south side of the lake to the bridge which takes you into the city.

Stratholme (Levels 58-60) in Eastern Plaguelands will make you run through Plaguewood and scores of max level undead until you get the key for the Servant’s Entrance. Head west from Light Hope’s Chapel. You can veer southwest toward the road. Be advised: there is a patrol along this road and they are not pleasant. The main road west will take you into Plaguewood. The second right on this road leads to Stratholme proper. Alternately, you can take a similar path as the one to Scholomance, but follow the river that lets out of the lake to the north. If you go up the east bank past the hermit’s house, there is a cave full of monsters which lets out just north of Terrordale, and you can run east to Stratholme. Both options are lengthy and fraught with peril — somewhat.

Note, it’s a one-way trip through the front entrance. You can’t turn around and run back out — that feature was added later. You’ll need to hearth when you’ve finished until you get the key to open the dead side and can run out that way.

If you have the key to open the Servant’s Entrance, as you head west from Light’s Hope hug the hills along the north side of the zone. The entrance is just west of the elf area — Quel’Lithien Lodge — behind a portcullis.

Finally, Dire Maul in Feralas (Levels 55-60). This dungeon will not be open until Phase 2 of Classic. This is another long dungeon with three wings and places to get lost. Alliance, from Feathermoon Stronghold, take the boat to the mainland. Go up the hill to the road and head east. Because it’s so big, you’ll see it looming on your left as you venture into the zone. Horde, run west along the road from Camp Moj’ache. It will be on your right. Once you hit the central courtyard, the names of each wing give it away. The Warpwood Quarter, known as Dire Maul East, is east. The Capital Gardens, also known as Dire Maul West, is west. To the north is the Gordok Commons, which you will usually visit to do a “tribute run.”

This covers all the WoW Classic dungeons and how you can find their entrances. You can also use this if you skipped over some dungeons in the modern version and don’t know where they are, or if you perhaps only visited via the LFG tool. While getting to some of these is an adventure, you’ll get some nice exploration and mob killing experience journeying to them.

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