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Deb Montague

Deb Montague @GimmletteMajor — Deb has been playing WOW a very long time. She's been a guild leader for over 10 years. You can, sometimes, find her in Heroes of the Storm. In real life, she is supervised by 3 rescue cats who are okay with her writing so long as it keeps them in food.

Get your signed first edition of “A Steamy Romance Novel: Stormy Seas” in Boralus. It’s extra steamy, just for you.

The L.E. Craft name is quite familiar for those of us who keep an eye on NPC names in WoW . Torturer, Samantha and Jonathan have shown up in previous expansions. In Battle for Azeroth, you can find author Laurence E. Craft (Initials L. E. Craft) in Boralus and get a signed first edition of his latest work. He's yet another surprise in what's turning out to be an expansion full of these little bits of color. A guild member pointed out the Wowhead announcement so I had to go see what he offered. If you don't know Boralus very well, he can be a bit of a pain to find. The carrot shows his location.