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Deb Montague

Deb Montague @GimmletteMajor — Deb has been playing WOW a very long time. She's been a guild leader for over 10 years. You can, sometimes, find her in Heroes of the Storm. In real life, she is supervised by 3 rescue cats who are okay with her writing so long as it keeps them in food.

Buying the Shadowlands physical Collector’s Edition refunds you in Blizzard Balance… but maybe not as much as you expect

In the past, Blizzard has been slow to announce just how it will handle digital bonuses for the people who collect the physical Collector's Editions — but this year Blizzard let us know how it will handle Shadowlands' many editions in advance, which is a pleasant surprise. During Legion, people who bought the Collector's Edition of the game also had to order a digital copy to get pre-order bonuses, they could gift a copy of the digital game to friends when their Collector's Edition arrived.

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