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OverwatchNov 14, 2019 6:00 pm CT

Please do not try this at home, just watch as Colin Furze makes Junkrat’s RIP-Tire a reality

I’m not kidding, please, please don’t watch this video and run out and make one of these, okay? We like having you around.

Just let Colin Furze take all the risk. He’s the one with 8.5 million YouTube subs, plus he’s got experience doing absolutely ridiculous things. And this… this is an absolutely ridiculous thing.

Watching this video — which is the first in a two part series — there are certain things we have to acknowledge. Watching as he disassembles a chainsaw engine and builds a rotating cage around it so that the RIP-Tire can actually move is pretty cool, and seeing the remote control for the throttle made me immediately wish I’d thought of that back in the day when I was a kid messing around in my dad’s machine shop. We didn’t have 3D printing back then, though, and I admit the closest to this I ever got was the sawblade ninja-stars I made.

Now, this isn’t exactly faithful to Overwatch‘s RIP-Tire in game. The spikes aren’t actually part of the tire because that would make it very hard for it to actually roll, and it has a bar on it to keep it rolling upright instead of falling over, but it is a tire with an engine that you can pull a ripcord on and send it smashing into things. That’s pretty great right there. Furthermore, this is just the prototype, as Colin has rightfully decreed — perhaps ominously so — that this version simply isn’t destructive enough to really live up to Junkrat.

Of course that does make me wonder, are you going to put explosives in the next one, Colin? That sounds wildly unsafe. I mean, it’s already a self propelled tire with a ridge of spikes on it that has absolutely no steering and can only be accelerated remotely so it’s already wildly unsafe, but explosives would be simultaneously awesome and completely, totally, absolutely not safe at all. But part of me wants to see him do it anyway.

At any rate, I’m a sucker for crafting videos and he does manage to make a self propelled tire out of a chainsaw engine, so I’m pretty excited for part two.

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