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Matthew Rossi

Matthew Rossi @MatthewWRossi — Matthew Rossi is a synapsid, perhaps descended from Cynognathus. He was born in Providence, Rhode Island, and grew up there before leaving to see the world and be mistaken for a sasquatch and/or minor singing celebrity in various locales. He currently lives and writes in Edmonton alongside his amazing and beautiful wife and their cats. He’s written three collections of speculative fiction, Things That Never Were, Bottled Demon and At Last, Atlantis. He loves playing warriors in World of Warcraft, barbarians in Diablo III, and he’s beginning to notice a pattern here.

The Queue: Twirling, twirling, twirling

I still haven’t adjusted to the changes to WoW‘s global cooldown rules, and for now at least, I’m having a ton of fun spinning around and murdering stuff in Diablo 3 instead. It’s soothing. I’ll did still play some WoW this week, just to re-acclimate myself to everything.

Now, I love WoW, and I love Warriors, but nothing in WoW is as much fun as Whirlwind on my Barb with full Wastes and both Bul-Kathos blades. I can Whirlwind forever.

This is the Queue. Let’s twirl towards some answers, shall we?