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Matthew Rossi

Matthew Rossi @MatthewWRossi — Matthew Rossi is a synapsid, perhaps descended from Cynognathus. He was born in Providence, Rhode Island, and grew up there before leaving to see the world and be mistaken for a sasquatch and/or minor singing celebrity in various locales. He currently lives and writes in Edmonton alongside his amazing and beautiful wife and their cats. He’s written three collections of speculative fiction, Things That Never Were, Bottled Demon and At Last, Atlantis. He loves playing warriors in World of Warcraft, barbarians in Diablo III, and he’s beginning to notice a pattern here.

The Queue: So close and yet so far

Yesterday was my birthday and I decided that to celebrate it I was going to do as little as possible. Sometimes that’s all you really want — a day to sit back, spend time with your loved ones (in my case my wife Julian and our cats and dog) and do things like mess around in video games and just exist. It was a nice day.

And now we’re back, answering your questions and listening to Damageplan’s song Save Me, and wishing you all a happy Game Awards day.

What’s your favorite small detail in Dragonflight?

Having finally managed to get logged in and play some Dragonflight, one of my favorite things in the expansion so far is all the dialogue available while talking to NPCs, whether they be major figures like Wrathion or Alexstrasza or minor figures like the inn keeper at the embassy who will, if asked, explain to you why there are so many ruined buildings there.

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