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How to find World of Warcraft server status

With separate maintenance schedules and occasional down times, it’s nice to know WoW’s server statuses. All of the realms that make up both the modern game and WoW Classic can be subject to intermittent interruptions, and it’s nice to know that the problem is Blizzard and not you. Luckily, there’s an easy way to view realm status at any time.

Blizzard has an official Realm Status page on the website that lists all of the various realms for both the modern game and WoW Classic. You can see every realm listed with their type, population size, timezone, and location. You can also swap the region on the top right. On the far left is a status icon that determines whether or not the realm is accessible to you. This is a key place to check if you’re trying to log into your character on a maintenance day or a launch day for a new patch.

If you do a quick search for WoW realm status, you can find a few sites that look exactly the same as the official site. I’d be careful using those over the official site, but they’re not a bad place to check if for some reason Blizzard’s page is down. Your last way of checking whether or not the realms are down is simply logging in and seeing what kind of message you get. Sometimes you’ll be able to view a live list of all the realms and their statuses. This was a key way to getting into WoW Classic for name reservations last year.

Other than that, you can often find people yelling about servers being down on Twitter or over on our Discord channel. In those times of need, know that you’re not alone. We’re all trying to log back in to finish our World Quests or leveling. The next time there’s an outage, our combined patience will make the servers come back up faster. I hope.

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