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OverwatchJun 8, 2020 2:00 pm CT

Overwatch’s Anniversary 2020 event is almost over! Get your skins or you’ll have to wait til next year.

Overwatch’s annual Anniversary 2020 event is now live, complete with plenty of new skins to collect, but it ends tomorrow, June 9th! Make sure you’ve purchased any of the skins you want, or if you just want to buy loot boxes, you’ll need to roll the dice before tomorrow. Not sure which skins you want (or need) to grab before the event ends? Click through our anniversary skins gallery above or check out the animations below to see what’s on offer.

This new Roadhog emote that looks very much like a new dance!

And these skins…

Legendary Skins

  • Masquerade Reaper

  • Little Red Ashe

  • Aztec Zenyatta

  • Dragoon Mercy

  • Submarine Wrecking Ball

Epic Weekly Challenge Skins

  • Carbon Fiber Sigma
  • Fleur de Lis Widomaker
  • Masked Man McCree

May 19 isn’t quite the same date when the game originally launched. The game’s actual birthday is Sunday, May 24, but Blizzard obviously doesn’t launch events on the weekend, even if it’s technically the most appropriate dates.

If you’re new to Anniversary events in Overwatch, you’re in for a bit of a surprise. The event doesn’t really have a major theme other than “yeah, Overwatch!” so the new cosmetics and skins can be fairly random. Last year we got a Gargoyle Winston skin that looks like it was rejected from the Halloween Terror event. We also got an adorable Honeydew Mei skin that equips her with tea instead of her freeze juice. And then there was that very bad Riot Police Brigitte skin — they’re not all winners! But the skins from all previous events, from Halloween Terror to Summer Games, are also available via loot boxes — which is arguably the biggest draw of the Archives event.

Anniversary 2020 doesn’t really have a signature unique Arcade mode like Lucioball or Retribution. They have occasionally introduced new Arcade maps like Petra and a Competitive variant for Deathmatch, but that’s it. Don’t log into Overwatch expecting the biggest celebration of the year; it’s more like a reminder that the characters are still great and that wow, there are a lot of them.

In the meantime, save up your currency, prepare yourself for some wins in Arcade, and kneel to the RNG gods. Anniversary is on its way and there will surely be a skin or two that you absolutely need. As any Overwatch player knows, if you’re not rocking the latest skins, are you really winning?

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