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Warcraft > WoWMar 1, 2023 6:31 pm CT

“Looking Good”? How to look your most dapper for the March Trading Post

Looking through the March Trading Post activities, you will see a number of them require that you complete the listed task while “Looking Good” — but what is “Looking Good,” you cry? It’s completing the activity named in the list while under the effect of one of the following toys.

Note that most toys have a cooldown on their use, and dying or mounting, shape shifting, casting or catching a taxi, etc. can clear the buff for many toys. You may want to check the comments on Wowhead for the toy you plan to use to see if it is a good choice for the activity you are trying.

A number of these items also require a specific time of the year to obtain, or reputation with a specific faction, or a fair bit of luck. Long term players will probably have several of these already. New players will want to focus on the more easily obtained ones for now, but consider working towards the others in the future in case this fun and quirky requirement comes around again.

  • Eternal Black Diamond Ring — purchased from Haris Pilton in Shattrath City for 5,000g
  • Home Made Party Mask — purchased from First Arcanist Thalryssa in Suramar for 500g, but requires Revered reputation with The Nightfallen to unlock. Note that mounting cancels the aura for this item and it has a cooldown to refresh.
  • Horse Head Costume — purchased from the faction Candy & Toy Vendor during the Hallow’s End event for 150 Tricky Treats.
  • Kovork Kostume — this item has a high chance to drop from Kovork during the Arathi Highlands warfront event.
  • Magic Pet mirror — purchased in Dalaran or your garrison from an Exotic Pets and Accessories vendor for 150 Shiny Pet Charms. Note these are the old pet currency — the new currency is the Polished Pet Charm. The Shiny Pet Charms come from pet battle content from Legion or earlier.
  • Stylish Black Parasol — this item is obtained by looting a treasure in Revendreth near the entrance to Castle Nathria. It appears that you need to be at least level 60 to loot this treasure.
  • Mnemonic Attunement Pane — this item is has a low chance to drop the Unstable Memory rare in Bastion.
  • Moonfang Shroud — this item has a moderate chance to drop from the Moonfang rare on the Darkmoon Isle. It is only available during the Darkmoon Faire event.
  • Outrider’s Bridle Chain — this item can drop from Warleader Tome or a number of Warsong mobs in Nagrand (the Warlords of Draenor version of the zone).
  • The Countess’ Parasol — this item can be in the reward chest from The Countess in the Ember Court event. You need at least Friendly with The Countess to be eligible for this item.

A couple of additional activities require that you are “Looking” Good, which is, somehow, different. They use the following two special toys:

  • Onyx Glare-Reducers — these nifty sunglasses are purchased in your faction’s capital city from Finn (Alliance) or Ca’nees (Horde) for 500g – reputation discounts apply.
  • Craftsman’s Monocle — this item is considered a cloth helm, crafted using Engineering and requires Engineering to use.

Happy hunting!

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