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WoWMar 2, 2023 5:00 pm CT

The must-visit party spots in Valdrakken

Valdrakken has many taverns to visit — places for you to relax with an ale after a hard day of raiding, to explore the night life, or just to hang out for a little role play fun. They’re varied in their aesthetics, so you may find one your characters gravitate toward naturally, but they’re all worth visiting once. As you explore the city central to our experience in Dragonflight, be sure to check out these taverns.

The Roasted Ram

Located in the central hub of the city, The Roasted Ram acts as the primary inn of Valdrakken. Offering a cooking trainer and hearthstone location, it’s located very conveniently, across from the bank, auction house, portals to the main land, and weekly quest givers. As this is the inn, it has been reported to also be a source of lag and can have long load times hearthing in.

Lucky for you, if you’d like an easily accessed alternative, there’s something a little suspect going on in the back room of The Roasted Ram.

The Dragon’s Hoard

To get to The Dragon’s Hoard, first enter The Roasted Ram, then go to the dragon statue in the back corner and /bow to show your respect — and the de facto password.

The Dragon’s Hoard is a speakeasy that offers RP events at the top of every hour, from underground fight clubs to Drakthyr dicsos. You may also run into agents Wrathion — such as Becca Black and her seven Gnome companions — or agents of Sabellian who ask you not to let him know they are there as he is apparently a buzzkill, all partying the day away. I was unable to determine what causes them to spawn, but there is no connection of Becca Black to Fridays.

The barkeep in the back offers a hearthstone location, offering you the convince of the central hub but without the possible lag people have experienced from The Roasted Ram.

Fallingwater Overlook

Located along Cascades edge on the outskirts of the city (40,87), the Fallingwater Overlook offers a typical tavern flair with an extra bonus. If you speak with the Maitre d’, for five gold you can purchase a pass that causes a bouncer to show up and throws all of the NPCs out of the bar to stand in a line outside.

This offers a perfect location to roleplay your very own restaurant scenario without interruption from those pesky NPCs standing in all the prime locations. The pass lasts for 1 hour and with a bribe to the bouncer, you can extend the time.

Cascade’s Edge Tea Shop

Across the bridge from the Fallingwater Overlook is a little tea shop. It’s not your typical tavern, but the teas served there do appear to have extra qualities including the Bubble Poppy Tea that allows you to float for 10 seconds. Don’t worry, there is no ceiling fan in this Wonka-esque tea shop.

Parting Glass

Located in the Bronze Enclave, directly across from the Maiden of Inspiration, lies the Parting Glass (74,47). A Bronze Dragonflight themed bar, this cozy location answers the question: if you’re dealing with beings who are outside of time and space, of when is last call? Stick around and listen to Void Elves and Lightforged Draenei discuss the light and void.

The Parting Glass also offers a hearthstone location to make this charming inn your home.

Dreams of Wistera

Dreams of Wistera (69,58) is not technically a bar. It’s not even a place with a name. What it is is a tavern-styled location with a sleeping Emerald Dragon, Wistera, that dreams of dancing Blood Trolls. Seeing as these dreams are too busy partying to notice you, it’s still a fun place to hang out. You should probably bring your own ale though.

Serene Dreams Spa VIP Lounge

Located on a floating island that is not plagued by the problems of the Serene Dreams Spa , The VIP Lounge (39,47) offers possibly the best views in the game overlooking the Waking Shore and Ohn’ahran Plains. Sadly, the Ogre masseur will not give you a complimentary massage.

The Ruby Feast

The Ruby Feast has a quest with prompts all over Valdrakken leading you to it. Food and drink flow freely, with new chefs from all over the world demonstrating their culinary expertise — as well as offering lore tidbits about the snacking habits it races in Azeroth. With two menu dishes available on the table next to Rumistraza that offer well fed buffs as well as the Great Gourmand of the Ruby Feast achievement for all twenty dishes available the Ruby Feast will keep bringing you back.

Want to get away from it all? There are even more taverns to explore

Exploring the Dragon Isles is an ongoing adventure but there are two other bars worth a mention that are located away from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you find yourself in Ohn’ahran Plains, you can check out the Emberwatch Inn (66,25). Located in a dilapidated tower near the cursed Nelthazan Ruins, the Emberwatch Inn offers the feelings of a Dragonscale Expedition dive bar. Across the map in the Emerald Gardens, you will find the singles bar The Mane Squeeze (39,48). Don’t expect to find love there, though, as the clientele only seem to be interested in those with four legs and can see through the deception of a druid.

There are rumors of more hidden locations to check out such as underwater dive bars and castaway cove with diving boards in The Waking Shores. Until I find them all, you’ll find me dancing in the discos with the Black Dragonflight or arguing that a Worgen basically has four legs.

UPDATE: Just 100 yards from The Mane Squeeze (38,44) you will find the remains of a goblin who had an idea on how to get in with a Budget Centaur Costume which gives you a 10 minute buff that allows you to have the four legs and two arms required for The Mane Squeeze, allowing you to chat with the patrons.

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