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WoWMay 12, 2023 8:00 am CT

What other WoW class do you think should receive another talent spec?

If you’ve been reading this site for a while now, this should come as no surprise to you: For a long time, I’ve felt like Priests’ Shadow spec could be split in two, each with distinct playstyles. I’ve never been under the illusion that Blizzard would do such a split (thereby giving Priests four specs total) — but with the recent news that WoW’s patch 10.1.5 will include a third spec for Evokers, it’s definitely gotten me thinking about the possibilities for another spec all over again.

Way back when, Shadow was a lot more of a “psionic attack” variant of Priest. We assaulted our enemies’ minds in more ways than one, and there wasn’t really a concept of “Void” as a source for our power. (And if there was, it was significantly less emphasized than it is now.) Over time, Shadow shifted much more heavily into the Void/Old God territory and eventually landed where we our today. And I love it! I love the Old Gods and I love the flavor of our talents and I love how it all gives Shadow such a specific identity.

But I still miss the idea of a psychic-attack variant of Priest that doesn’t rely on ancient, unspeakable entities and terrifying power to release its attacks. And so my ideal version of Shadow is one that has two specs — one that follows the current design, and one that more closely resembles a psionic attacker like the Shadow of yore. While the new talent trees absolutely provide plenty of options, there’s still plenty of room to make the Void spec more DOT-heavy and the other spec more “Shadow Mage”/single-target in focus. I know it won’t happen, but I’ve long liked the idea of such a split.

While there aren’t many classes with more non-DPS specs than DPS specs, there are still plenty of classes that could easily include another spec — either as a new role or a different flavor of an existing role. When Death Knights first joined the game, Frost tanking was an intended design. Sadly, Legion came and Blizzard didn’t rename either of the game’s “Frost” specs, and then Dragonflight’s new talents didn’t do anything to allow Frost DKs to tank, and now it feels like it’s just as likely as a fourth Priest spec. In a similar vein, Gladiator Stance for Warriors always felt like an attempt at a sub-spec for Warrior tanks but was abandoned after Warlords of Draenor. I would be all about a fourth Warrior spec that went full-in on the Gladiator Stance talent approach to Warrior-ing.

Again, I don’t expect these things to happen. Balancing a new spec sounds like a nightmare, even from an outside perspective. Plus, it seems like the new Evoker spec will have a bit of in-game lore behind it, rather than just — poof! — existing one day after logging in and I can’t see Blizz breaking that approach now that they’ve utilized it. But still.

If you could add a new spec to an existing class, what would it be? What class deserves a new spec most? What class doesn’t deserve it but should still totally get one anyway because it would be cool? Sound off below!

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