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Warcraft Rumble > WoWOct 5, 2023 9:00 am CT

How to collect Warcraft Rumble toys in World of Warcraft

Warcaft Rumble is coming out on November 3, but while the game is still a month away from your phone, it has already hit the World of Warcraft with a new promotion that lets you collect Rumble-themed toys. Thanks to Mizzen and her Rumble machines — more on that in a minute — your characters can gather their own Warcraft Rumble minis to show off to your friends. You can also go about collecting variant skins for these minis, just like real gacha figures!

Here’s what you need to know about the new Warcraft Rumble promotion in WoW — including how to collect them all.

How to find Mizzen

The next time you log in to WoW, you’ll receive a letter from Mizzen, a Goblin Warcraft Rumble fanatic, telling you to check out her brand new game. The first step is to locate Mizzen, who can be found in several different places:

  • If you’re below level 60 and Alliance, Mizzen is in the Stormwind Harbor in Stormwind City.
  • If you’re below level 60 and Horde, Mizzen is in the Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar.
  • If you’re over level 60, Mizzen is in on the second floor of the Roasted Ram in Valdrakken. If you’re having trouble finding her, take a right as soon as you walk in the building and go up the ramp.

Insert coin, get a toy

Now it’s on to the collecting: Mizzen will give you quest to find a Rumble Coin to feed to the Warcraft Rumble Machine next to her. The coins are nearby, and it won’t take much work to snag the first one. Look for a sparkling pouch, marked with a yellow dot on your minimap.

Feed your newly-found coin to the Rumble machine to get a Rumble Prize Box, which you can click to reveal your new figurine. Click again to add it to your toybox, letting you summon the figure on a one-minute cooldown. The figures don’t do anything special, but they do look pretty neat, mimicking Rumble’s art style.

Next Mizzen will direct you to find a Rumble Foil to give your new minifig an alternate appearance. Find it nearby and then click on the Warcraft Rumble Machine again to add a new appearance to the figure you just collected. By clicking on your deployed mini, you can cycle through your collected appearances.

There are seven figures to collect, each with two variant appearances. Fortunately, you can’t get duplicates, so it shouldn’t take too much work to collect them if you’re hoping to grow your toy collection.

Now that Mizzen has shown you the basics, it is time to follow the tradition of any blind-box toy machine: you need to find more coins to get more toys.

How to find Rumble Coins and Rumble Foils

You’ll find Rumble Coins hidden all across the Dragon Isles, as well as around Stormwind and Orgrimmar for our lower level friends. In addition to the coins, you can collect Rumble Foil to apply additional appearances to your minis. Both items look the same: a small brown pouch that sparkles, as in the image above. They may be small, but don’t worry about hunting too hard because they’ll appear on your minimap when you’re close enough.

Thankfully, Mizzen has a pretty good idea where to look for these Rumble Coin Bags and Rumble Foil Bags. Once you’ve finished the introductory quests, she’ll tell you where to start looking. Collecting all minis and alternate looks will take you to the opposing faction’s capital, but fear not! These quests carry across to alts, so you can swap to an opposite faction character to collect your loot safely.

If you don’t feel like a scavenger hunt across the Dragon Isles, Orgrimmar, and Stormwind City, you can look up all of the Rumble Coin and Rumble Foil locations on Wowhead.

With no end of the event listed, you should have plenty of time to go out and get your minis while waiting to collect them on your phones— or in your home (with the help of a 3D printer) with the STL Files that were officially released.

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