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WoWOct 31, 2023 10:00 am CT

WoW’s October Trading Post is packed with eerie-sistible rewards. This is your last day to get them before the Hallow’s End!

With Hallow’s End kicking off October 18 and Halloween at the end of the month, it’s no surprise the rewards for World of Warcraft’s Trading Post are spook-tacular this month. Ghastly puns aside, head on over to Tawny and Wilder in Stormwind or the Zen’shiri Outpost in Orgrimmar to take a peek at all of the Trading Post rewards for October — and while you’re there, don’t forget to claim your monthly Trader’s Tender.

There are no tricks but here’s what you can treat yourself to in the October Trading Post.

October Trading Post class transmogs

This month Demon Hunters, Death Knights, and Druids are the lucky classes getting transmog pieces for their heads, shoulders, and belts as well as an assortment of weapons. All of the sets work pretty well with the spooky, Halloween theme except for the Druid’s set which is more on the divine side. It’s still pretty cool looking but to make up for being the odd set out, the Druids get an extra weapon.

Demon Hunter

Death Knight


October Trading Post mount

Mounts are back on the menu this month with the Dim Coldflame Core for 700 Trader’s Tender. Using this core summons a Coldflame Infernal that you can’t eat but you can definitely ride around.

October Trading Post ensembles, transmogs, and cosmetics

We’re a bit out of theme with the Ensembles this month, as the forest green color makes me think more of rangers in the wilderness than it does Halloween. Still, more options are always better to have and not need than need and not have!

We also have some repeat items from past Trading Post months — like the Well-Worn Grimskull Cinch and the Gilded Drakkonid Morningstar — that are transmog-worthy and fit for any type of Halloween costume. Curiously enough, the High Scholar’s Staff is a repeat item two months in a row.

We also have some unique items available and have a new type of item entering the lineup — tabards. The Shadowy Mail Tabard and the Gleaming Mail Tabard appear to be brand new tabard designs, and they look very much like armor. Individual items from the Guardian Pack that went on sale earlier this year are also available for Trader’s Tender. Rounding out the unique items is the Imp in a Ball toy, which was previously a Trading Card Game item you could only get from the “Through the Dark Portal” expansion. The description says it’s a Horde toy so we’ll see if it is indeed faction exclusive — but for those who can use it, it’ll tell your fortune.

October Trading Post pet

For 650 Trader’s Tender this month you can get the Lil’ K.T. battle pet. Fashioned after the lich himself, this pet is a former in-game shop pet that was released in 2009 and discontinued in early 2023. Now it’s back again for the Trading Post, though we’re unsure if buying this pet with Trader’s Tenders also grants access to Kel’Thuzad’s fan club.

October Trading Post bonus reward

The bonus reward for completing the October Traveler’s Log objectives is Eve’s Ghastly Rider. This mount is a permanent variant of the Magic Broom mount that can work outside of the Hallow’s End event. The item description notes that during Hallow’s End, it’ll be instant cast and the rest of the year it will have the regular mount casting time.

This month’s Traveler’s Log has objectives tied to Brewfest, the Great Gnomeragan Run, and Hallow’s End, adding some activity variety. If I do nothing else, it will be the Traveler’s Log objectives for the sole purpose of getting the bonus mount because I’m a sucker for Halloween items.

For those keeping track, the class items on sale next month will be for Monks, Warlocks, and Warriors. Some holiday items were datamined for the Trading Post’s near future so even if nothing catches your eye now, doing the activities and getting Trader’s Tender to save for the future might be worth it!

Aside from any items you may freeze, today is the last day to grab your favorites before October ends, and they slink back into the grave once more.

Originally Published September 28, 2023. Updated October 31, 2023.

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