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WoWJan 31, 2024 4:00 pm CT

Festive February rewards are in the air at WoW’s Trading Post!

New rewards for February are in the air at World of Warcraft‘s Trading Post! This first offering of Dragonflight patch 10.2.5 also commemorates the Trading Post’s first birthday and to celebrate, are two items — a mount and a toy — on-sale for a discounted price. These birthday items will be available alongside the regular monthly offerings at both T&W in Stormwind and the Zen’shiri Trading Post in Orgrimmar. Let’s take a closer look at what we’ve got in the February Trading Post!

February Trading Post mounts

Two mounts grace the Trading Post this month with the first being the colorful Fur-endship Fox being sold for 750 Trader’s Tenders. The other item is one of the Trading Posts birthday sale items, the X-53 Touring Rocket, for 100 Trader’s Tender.

February Trading Post ensembles, transmogs, toys, and cosmetics

This month there’s a stylishly re-colored red, white, and pink version of the Honored Valarjar set available. Alternatively, you can pick up another red version of the Rosy Trappings and Threads set, if more inclined for something subtle.

There’s no better way to share the love than with an assortment of red, purple, and pink weapons. Some new items that stand out are the bows giving you the ability to spread pain faster than Cupid can spread love.

While the Ruby Felfire items make a return this month, the Trading Post continues the rollout of different colored clothing items including sarongs, corsages, and necklaces. The second of the Trading Post’s birthday item’s, the Mannequin’s Charm toy, makes its debut for only 10 Trader’s Tender this month.

February Trading Post pets

The February pets at the Trading Post this month are a pair of beetles, the pink-variant Buggsy for 350 Trader’s Tender and the red-variant Nelle for 250 Trader’s Tender.

February Trading Post bonus reward

The bonus reward for completing this month’s Traveler’s Log is the Ensemble: Love Witch’s Attire. If you find yourself needing a little push to earn this bonus reward, there will be another set of Final Surge quests during the last week of the month which gives you extra points for completing a Traveler’s Log objective.

This is the second month in a row that Final Surge quests are active which means it is likely going to be a recurring mechanic during the last week of each month to help people finish out their Traveler’s Log. I imagine this mechanic will help out players who may be unable to devote large amounts of time towards completing the Traveler’s Log tasks and also help out a fair amount of players earn their Burden of Unrelenting Justice sets.

If you didn’t see anything you liked this month just keep in mind as we get through patch 10.2.7 and into the 11.o pre-patch, we could start seeing more items that could fit into the aesthetic and themes of WoW’s upcoming expansion, The War Within.

Be sure to pick up your 500 free Trader’s Tender each month for logging into WoW, so you can be prepared to buy anything that might interest you in the future!

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