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WoWMar 19, 2024 10:00 pm CT

How to earn Renown in WoW’s Plunderstorm PVP event to unlock transmog, pets, and mounts

Plunderstorm, Dragonflight patch 10.2.6’s 60-player battle royale event, is now live with a new rewards to earn from an event-specific Renown track. Keg Leg’s Crew is the main “faction” associated with the event and the Renown vendor is Da’kash Grimledger, who can be found in the Plunderstorm lobby between games — though rewards should show up in your collection tab automatically, you can check in to see where you are.

Plunderstorm ends on April 30, 2024, so you have a limited amount of time to snag these rewards!

We have more Plunderstorm guides to help you reach all of your piratical goals! Here’s everything you need to know about Plunderstorm.

Here’s how you can advance your Renown with Keg Leg’s Crew!

Earning Renown in Plunderstorm

There are 40 levels of Renown to earn with Keg Leg’s Crew and you need to earn 2500 reputation — Plunder — to advance to the next level on the track. That’s a lot of Plunder you’ll need to collect to reach max Renown.

Even though Plunderstorm is a battle royale, winning a match isn’t the only way to earn Plunder. The amount of Plunder you earn from each match was recently buffed to help players reach max Renown, and there are lots of ways you can earn Plunder in a match. These are key factors in how much Plunder you earn in a match:

  • Survival. How long you survive and whether you were the last one standing gives you a bonus. Staying hidden and out of early brawls will help you survive the early game — and collect levels and abilities before facing other players. If you’re the last one standing, you’ll now earn 500 Plunder!
  • Level. Your character’s level counts for extra. Kill mobs and other players to advance: you can get a head start by dive bombing groups from your parrot when you first launch into the game.
  • Kills. Killing other players makes them drop Plunder you can pick up. If you’re the one who is killed in a match, don’t worry, the Plunder you drop is randomly decided by the game and doesn’t come out of your Plunder stash! Whether you avoid players to build your own character or rush into kill players before they’ve had a chance to collect levels, kills count.

And there’s one easy, reliable way to earn Plunder: just grab the loot! If you prefer not to PVP, this can be done while ignoring other players (at least until one kills you):

  • Pick up Plunder! As you travel around the map, there will be small piles of Plunder you can pick up worth between 5-15 Plunder per pile. Killing mobs and looting chests will also earn you Plunder, with Golden Chests now giving double the amount.

While Plunderstorm doesn’t pile on the quests, there’s a one-time quest and a per-match quest (with a bonus for first completion) to get extra Plunder:

  • Starting quest. The Plunderstorm starter quest, Learn the Ropes or Walk the Plank, rewards 1000 reputation with Keg Leg’s Crew. This is a basic tutorial quest that instantly appears in your quest log when you first sign in to Plunderstorm and teaches the mode’s mechanics and controls.
  • Match quest. There are also quests called Captain’s Orders that automatically appear in your quest log at the start of each match. These quests involve collecting or interacting with certain items or killing certain enemies and reward around 250 Plunder per quest. You’ll also earn bonus Plunder (800) for completing the first Captain’s Order’s quest of the day. The Captain’s Orders rotate each match so if you die before completing one, chances are you’ll have a new quest in your next match.

How much Plunder you earn per match will vary wildly, but in general you want to survive as long as possible while leveling up and collecting Plunder across the map.

How long do you have to earn Plunderstorm rewards?

Plunderstorm is “limited-time” event that currently has no conclusive end date. Even though patch 10.2.6 is smaller than other Dragonflight patches, we’ve projected patch 10.2.7 to go live mid-May, about 8-9 weeks from now and in line with the previously established patch release cadence. It’s not clear if Plunderstorm will be live for the entire duration of patch 10.2.6 but it’s likely it will be live for most of it, at least through early May, possibly ending a week or two before the patch 10.2.7 release.

Originally published on March 19, 2024. Updated April 15, 2024.

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