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WoW ClassicApr 8, 2024 3:00 pm CT

Yet another reason to play a Warlock: Warlocks get their own treasure-seeking imps in WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3

WoW Classic Season of Discovery has added a significant amount of new items in all the released phases so far, and surely we have a lot more to find but as of Phase 3 Warlocks specifically are in for a small treat, or rather, many small treats. That’s because the class has a new pet: the Treasure Goblin Explorer Imp.

How to get the Explorer Imp

At level 10, Warlocks can learn the Drain Soul ability for 3 silver at any faction Warlock trainers and in Phase 3 when enemy dies while you use Drain Soul, it has a high chance to drop an Explorer’s Soul gem. Normally when an enemy dies while using Drain Soul on it, it drops a Soul Shard if that enemy grants experience or honor but the Explorer’s Soul gem seems to drop from any mob enemy regardless of level.

When a Warlock uses the Explorer’s Soul gem, they learn the Explorer Imp spell which summons a small demonic imp pet to their location. This Explorer Imp pet can be summoned alongside any of the Warlock’s other demon pets but it won’t do anything other than follow you so if you get into a fight it’ll just watch you and your current pet duke it out against your current enemy.

How to collect loot with the Explorer Imp

While your new imp friend can collect loot, it can’t just pick up any loot: it’s looking for portals. Fel portals appear randomly throughout a handful of different zones in Azeroth. These portals have different names based on the zone but all of them seem to function the same way. These are the Fel portals you can find:

When you come across one, speak to your imp to send it through. It will disappear and you will gain the “Imp on a Mission” buff and you’ll be unable to summon your imp while it’s active. After a relatively short amount of real world time, the buff should disappear and you’ll be able to summon your imp again: it will give you an Otherworldly Treasure bag.

These Otherworldly Treasure bags scale based on your level range but each bag has a chance to drop the Rune of the Felguard for Warlocks. There’s also a chance that you can get different profession recipes, crafting materials, consumables, and various green and blue gear like the Orah Raka wand.

Runes aside, these treasure-seeking imps at best can give you gear upgrades and crafting materials and at worst stuff to sell at your nearest vendor, so it doesn’t hurt to toss your new demonic friend into every portal you see!

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