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The War Within > WoWMay 2, 2024 8:00 am CT

Everything we know about the Delver’s Dirigible, a new customizable mount in The War Within

A new World of Warcraft expansion means it’s time to collect new mounts to love and cherish. One special such mount that’s been hyped for The War Within is the Delver’s Dirigible, a new dynamic-flight mount that promises to be a lot of fun to play with.

As its name suggests, the Delver’s Dirigible is earned by participating in Delves, a new leveling and endgame content option available to solo players and groups alike, in any combination of classes and specializations. By completing the Delve and reaching the treasure room at the end, you and any companions your brought will earn a wide variety of  rewards, including the dirigible. While it’s unclear, at the time of this writing, just how much delving effort it will take to earn this reward, if it’s anything like Dragonflight‘s dragonriding mounts then the base dirigible itself will be fairly common, if not guaranteed, while the various customizations will be harder to obtain.

Speaking of customizations, just how does one trick out this particular ride? Similar to the dragonriding customizations that players collected in Dragonflight, players in The War Within will be able to find dirigible modules in their adventures. These modules will open up new cosmetic options for the mount’s color, nose, wings, top, thrusters, and decals, applied similarly to how the dragon manuscripts were at the Rostrum of Transformation. And boy, does it look like there are going to be a lot of these modules. It’s been promised that progressing through the expansion’s campaign will unlock more customization options for intrepid players, with even more to be added in subsequent seasons.

As someone who played an engineer for several expansions, seeing this kind of customizability added to a mechanical mount is exciting to me. Do you want your dirigible to look like a blue, propeller-powered zeppelin with a nose-mounted drill? Awesome! How about a green, jet-powered, harpoon-packing sky racer? Rad! Personally, though? My dirigible is going to be red. Even if it doesn’t actually bestow a speed increase, I’ll know it’s faster in my heart.

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