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WoWJun 28, 2024 8:00 am CT

Dive into these new July rewards at the WoW Trading Post

This July the World of Warcraft Trading Post has new treasures geared for people who want to dive into the deep blue sea. Admittedly, it’s a bit of a light month rewards-wise but if you find yourself with extra Trader’s Tender to sink into some transmog, head over to Tawny and Wilder in Stormwind or the Zenshiri Trading Post in Orgrimmar to see if you can find something you like among the offerings.

July Trading Post Mounts

Two mounts are available at the Trading Post this month, the new Underlight Corrupted Behemoth mount for 800 Trader’s Tender, and the returning Crimson Glimmerfur for 600 Trader’s Tender. The Behemoth mount is only capable of Steady Flying right now whereas the Crimson Glimmerfur clearly did not get the thematic memo because it’s a ground mammal mount.

July Trading Post transmog and items

Headlining this month’s Ensembles is the full Deepest Depth’s Diver Suit for 800 Trader’s Tenders. Alternatively, you can also buy the individual pieces to the slightly recolored but visually similar Copper Diver’s Suit, with all pieces costing 850 total Trader’s Tender. Last month‘s Tropical Beachwear Ensemble did the same thing, so it looks like we might see a semi-frequent structure of selling one colored full Ensemble and then individually sell re-colored pieces of that same Ensemble.

On one hand, this is a good Tenders saving option for people who want certain pieces of an Ensemble without having to buy the whole thing, especially since you can only freeze and save one item per month. On the other hand, given the lack of armor items this month, it feels like this was a way to artificially bloat the amount of Trading Post transmog available to players. I’m all for giving people options but I hope this is just a light month and won’t become the consistent standard.

For those of you who are weapon collectors, you have more items available to you than armor collectors, especially yet another sweet, sweet looking bow.




July Trading Post pet and bonus reward pet

You can earn two different pets at the Trading Post this month, Blub the goldfish who costs 500 Trader’s Tenders and Trishi, the mini-Azshara clone pet of nightmares, for completing the July Traveler’s Log monthly objectives.

Considering the rewards options this month, especially if you find yourself light on Trader’s Tender, it’s worth considering just completing the Traveler’s Log objectives and saving your Trader’s Tender for next month. The War Within launches August 26 so it would be the perfect time for Blizzard to add some rewards into August Trading Post that fit with the new expansion.

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