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The War Within > WoWJul 10, 2024 2:00 pm CT

Where to find all of the Delves in The War Within

World of Warcraft: The War Within will introduce Delves, a new type of instanced progression activity for players that will reward gear equivalent to raids and Mythic dungeons, as well as the Delver’s Dirigible customizable mount. In Delves, players are challenged with a set of encounters they can do solo or in groups of up to five players. The encounters in each Delve will randomly rotate as an extra layer of challenge but players will have the support of an NPC in every Delve to help them through each encounter — for The War Within Season 1, we’ll be partnered with Brann Bronzebeard to complete these Delves.

When The War Within launches on August 26, there will be 13 Delves throughout Khaz Algar’s four zones that players can experience, even while leveling. To get started, here’s where you can find each Delve in the expansion.

Isle of Dorn

The Isle of Dorn has three Delves throughout the zone:

  1. Earthcrawl Mines is likely going to be the first Delve many players complete because it’s part of the Isle of Dorn zone quests. Its entrance is located at the foot of the mountain southwest from the closest Flight Master, Iridi, in Freywold Village.
  2. Fungal Folly is inside a cave marked by large mushrooms within the woods of the Boskroot Basin sub-zone, northeast of Freywold Village and south of Dornogal. Boskroot Basin is almost equidistant between Flight Masters Breem in Dornogal and Iridi in Freywold Village.
  3. Kriegval’s Rest is at the bottom of the Mourning Rise sub-zone, underneath a wooden scaffolding and next to a set of stairs that take you into an area with some enemies. On the other side of the hill is Flight Master Drelda in Durgaz Cabin, which is the closest flight path to this Delve.

The Ringing Deeps

The Ringing Deeps zone only has two Delves:

  1. The Waterworks is located along a walkway in The Waterworks sub-zone directly south of Gundargaz, the sanctuary area in The Ringing Deeps. The nearest Flight Master, Igram Underwing, can also be found in Gundargaz.
  2. The Dread Pit entrance is inside a rocky cave opening that has some webbing around it within the Chittering Den on the eastern side of The Ringing Deeps zone. The closest semi-safe area is Shadowvein Point, where you can also find Flight Master Milgrit Stonefeather.


Four Delves can be found in the Hallowfall zone:

  1. Nightfall Sanctum is directly west of Mereldar, Hallowfall’s sanctuary area, and north of the Veneration Grounds area. Go over the ridge to find the opening to this Delve at the base of the waterfall. Flight Master Anje Noon in Mereldar is a good flight path to pick up to get here quickly in the future.
  2. The Sinkhole can be found at the bottom of a giant tunnel that you can access by travelling north from Lightspark to The Hungering Pool sub-zone. Flight Master Celle Wilde is found right outside of The Sinkhole and can help you get out but be sure to talk to Flight Master Gear Flame Pierce in Lightspark too!
  3. Skittering Breach is located in The Sanguine Grasp sub-zone, nestled in the rocks by some mining equipment southwest of Aegis Wall. Your closest Flight Master, Vellas Tearen, can also be found at the Aegis Wall.
  4. Mycomancer Cavern can be found in a field of large green mushrooms along the Hallowfall zone wall of the Growling Hollow sub-zone. If you enter Hallowfall through Hallowfall Gate coming from The Ringing Deeps zone and travel north along the wall, you’ll find this Delve. Alternatively, you can fly to Auro Flitter in Dunelle’s Kindness and travel north or to Rubaen Hillhelm at the Hillhelm Family Farm and go east until you hit the Delve’s opening.


Azj-Kahet is home to four Delves, with three condensed within the City of Threads sub-zone:

  1. The Spiral Weave is in a Nerubian fortress within the Siegehold sub-zone of Azj-Kahet. To the south of Siegehold is the Weaver’s Lair, Azj-Kahet’s sanctuary directly in the middle of the zone, and you can find the Wings of the Widow Flight Master there for easier travel.
  2. Zekvir’s Lair is the mysterious 13th Delve referenced by Blizzard, and though it wasn’t available in the beta for testing, we know it’s located in the Old Sacrificial Pit on the western edge of Lower City of Threads. The nearest Flight Master for all the City of Threads Delves is Tekazza of the Aimless Few who can be found in The Burrows sub-zone.
  3. Tak-Rethan Abyss is in the Salient Gutters sub-zone at the base of the outer wall surrounding the City of Threads.
  4. The Underkeep is inside a building called The Transformatory, surrounded by web walkways within the southern part of the Lower City of Threads sub-zone.
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