Climbing the ranks: Melee on Krosus and the no-miss bug Last time I looked at how ranged can increase DPS to rank on Krosus and found they can increase their DPS by 4-10% by timing up their movement better. Since melee players don’t really get penalized from movement, there isn’t one big overall tip that applies to all classes.

How to rank on krosus
Climbing the Ranks: Ranged on Krosus While we all wait for the release of Tomb of Sargeras, it can be fun to try and move up the ranks on some of the current fights. In this post, we’re going to try to help you do just that.

Lightsworn: Bringing the Light to Nightspire and Betrayer’s Rise The Nighthold is a big place, but it’s almost clear of those pesky demons, uppity elves, and grandstanding warlocks. Just two wings await us — the Nightspire, where Tichondrius, Krosus, and Grand Magistrix Elisande can be found, and Betrayer’s Rise, where we can finally put an end to this alternate-timeline Gul’dan.