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Morally Grey

The Queue: Warcraft 4 should be hundreds of years after the events of WoW

One of the things the Elder Scrolls series does pretty well is carving out huge swaths of time between games. For example, The Elder Scrolls Online is set more than a thousand years before the events of Skyrim, with two eras having ended and started between them. Of course, the Elder Scrolls timeline is not what I would call uncomplicated, but it’s got nothing on World of Warcraft when it comes to complicated timelines.

But I really think that we should get a Warcraft 4, and I think it should be a game set hundreds of years after the game we have now, when the Horde and Alliance as we understand them are long gone and everything is different. Orcs and Humans staunch allies! Night Elves an expansionist power, the Forsaken and Scourge combined into a new faction called The Unliving ruled by Bolvar and Calia, all sorts of new stuff.

Let’s talk, Queue Believers.

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