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The Queue: I’m sorry, the old Alleria can’t come to the phone right now…

Memes, amirite?

Let’s Queue.

A lot of you talked about the Mage Tower appearances:

Blizzard has talked about Artifacts post-Legion and, while they haven’t exactly outlined their specific plans, we pretty much know what they plan to do with Artifact appearances in 8.0 and beyond. Granted, things may yet change, but in last month’s Q&A, Ion “Watcher” Hazzikostas drew a pretty clear line of intent when it came to appearances:

“…any appearances that require an expansion-specific level of player skill will be locked to Legion…. Hazzikostas specifically mentioned the Mage Tower challenge appearance, as well as the appearance earned from completing a level-15 Mythic+ within the time limit.”

Zel has a question that ties nicely into the above:

Q4tQ: How should WoW deal with skill based challenges? Should they keep putting expansion limits on things like the MoP/Wod CM appearances or the Mage Tower artifacts? Should they find some way to scale us down to preserve some of the challenge, and allow people to keep trying in perpetuity? Is there value to you in the “I was there and did it when it was the cool thing” prestige of having something unique?

To answer your last question first, I absolutely find value in the “I was there” achievements in WoW. I don’t think everything needs to be available to everyone at every point in the game’s life. In future expansions, it’s not like any of them will give you power advantages, so is there really any reason to be mad over limiting challenging-content rewards to an expansion? Regretful, sure. But outright mad? Nah.

And before you get defensive over this (not that that happens on the internet), let me answer the second question. The reason scaling down for this sort of content isn’t a perfect answer is because abilities and classes can change drastically each expansion.

The Shadow challenge requires you to interrupt adds and mitigate damage from them when you can’t interrupt. What happens if, say, post-Legion Shadow Priests no longer have Dispersion? Or their interrupt only works in a PVP environment? While the latter is a bit more of a stretch, we’ve already seen Dispersion’s damage reduction nerfed quite drastically in Legion. If something in Warlords or Mists had revolved around mitigating 90% damage, that challenge wouldn’t work right now with scaling.

So, in summation (and by way of answering your first question last), I’m perfectly okay with their current model of skill-based challenges. And yes, the Chromie thing is a bit of a divergence from this, but it’s also more about finding the clues and knowing the order in which to do things than it is about testing your skill with abilities.

Pavlo Probst‏ (@EIeftherios) should know better than to bring Light into this:

QftQ: What shadowy/lighty race or class do you want in the next xpac?

Psh, I don’t want a Light-based race or class. Who needs ’em? As for “Shadow,” I am absolutely in love with the Ethereals we encounter on Mac’Aree. If we don’t get them, then some sort of race made of pure Void would be awesomesauce. Like, imagine an entire race that’s a sort-of crossover between Ethereals and Priests in Voidform — Void-y, but also not entirely corporeal.

I’m actually not a fan of new classes at this point. I mean, Blizzard always does a pretty good job of designing them, but I don’t think we need one so soon after Demon Hunters. I’d rather that effort go toward new races/sub-races (and yes, with Blizzard, it’s one or the other).

Shela Spiced Pumpkin‏ (@ShelaMonster) wants to quid pro know what’s up:

In 7.3, what are the Nightfallen up to? We gave them back their city, and they helped a lil on Broken Shore… Did Argus’s RSVP scare them?

Become a Watcher
Someone pointed out a few weeks ago, but Silgryn is actually hanging out on the Vindicaar. He’s downstairs close to the mission table, and if you talk to him, there’s an option to listen in on his conversation with Liadrin. It’s actually pretty interesting, because he draws comparisons between his people and the Blood Elves/Horde.

As for the rest of the Nightfallen, I imagine they’re — at least canonically — working on curing remaining Withered and re-inhabiting Suramar City. These aren’t developments I expect to see represented in-game, however.

Xerianne gets a special mention today:

It was a very good night last night not only did a guild mate have the correct breed of froglet I could borrow to finish Family Familiar on Argus but this happened as well…..

Everyone give a huge shout-out to Xerianne!!! Invincible is not only a sick freaking mount with its own amazing musical piece, it’s also one of those “wait, omg, am I seeing things? I’m not?! I’M NOT!!!!” mounts that feels so, so good to finally get.

Congrats, my friend :)

Silverkeg sets me up for some classic Mitch rhyming:

After reading Matt’s column “Seen and Done for the Holidays”, my own response got me thinking about how tired I am of hearing the same old Headless Horseman rhymes.

Q4TQ: Write some new rhymes for the Headless Horseman.

The horseman's come to set your town ablaze,
To purge the wicked, cruel, and dead.
Run from me, or try to fight,
What lies ahead,
Is endless night!

What have we here?
The dead have risen,
But make no mistake,
This graveyard shall be...

For so long, it seemed I was stuck,
Trapped and dead, for all of time,
But you've freed me, heroes,
So let this be...
My last rhyme.
Hunneybunny is running into the same problem I had:

Re: “Three new troops”… there are three new types of troops? I got/unlocked being able to buy the Krokul from the… forest area? in Krokuun? And the void-touched ones in [Antoran Wastes]. There’s a 3rd?

So, you’ve unlocked 2 of the 3 that Adam was referring to. You unlock the third, Lightforged Bulwark, after you’ve raised 6 followers to ilvl 925 and completed a few more quests. The trick to getting the quest that unlocks them, however, is making sure the Vindicaar is in the Antoran Wastes. For whatever reason, Turalyon won’t offer the quest if the Vindicaar is in any other zone — it’s a bit annoying.

Sean Clayton‏ (@AccelSkyly) is classy af:

Q4TQ: would you prefer new classes or new specs for existing classes. The WoW subreddit has something to do with this question…

So I sort of answered this above, but I’d still rather a focus on expanding playable races than a focus on new classes or specs. One of these things requires balancing, the other does not. And while the team that balances is not the team that makes new races, there are still new animations involved in making new classes/specs.

For the sake of your question, however, I’d prefer new specs. I can’t see it realistically happening because, again, balance — but it would still be pretty cool. Since Legion doubled down on the Void feel for Shadow Priests, I’ve always wondered what it would be like if Shadow had a psionic option more in-line with their original implementation.

Azvolrien can’t hold all this Argunite:

Q4tQ: I’m maxed out on veiled argunite, but I’ve already bought all the Relinquished gear I need. Is there anything else I can do with it or should I just buy more gear and sell it for gold?

I’m not entirely sure it’s still possible, but the relics (and maybe others?) had a very small chance to turn into something BOE that would sell for a decent chunk of gold. So, there’s that route. Alternatively, you can keep trying for your BiS piece or tier gear — which can come from the Relinquished tokens — to proc Titanforged. There’s always a chance of something better.

But outside of the gear tokens, no, you cannot use Veiled Argunite for anything else. It’s… kind of annoying, albeit admittedly a bit freeing.

Mistah Jay… yeah, you know what he does:

Q4tQ: if gender made a gameplay difference (in RPGs, stat changes, gender unique perks etc) would it make you more interested in playing it?

2BE: Kil’jaeden vs Archimonde

  • No, because that’s a controversy waiting to happen, and even after it died down, it would still be a point of contention. Hell, look at Horde/Alliance racials in WoW. They’re still a sore spot among players, even after having been brought more in-line expansion after expansion.
    1. And if you mean a single-player RPG… ehhh, still probably not. I tend to prefer playing the female characters in RPGs, and if they had stats I didn’t like associated with them, it would feel like an unnecessary choice to ask of players before even starting the game.
  • Kil’Jaeden is far more cunning than Archimonde. He’d outplay Archi, even if he doesn’t beat him in pure power.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. Last week, I asked you to leave puppy GIFs for Liz. She caught wind of that and made it look like I was a good person, so this week, I think you should all post questions or pictures with very slight (but noticeable) grammatical errors. Mwahahahahaha!

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