Tons of new caster animations are coming with patch 7.3 Casters are getting some fantastic spell animation changes on the patch 7.3 PTR. So far we have changes included for Restoration Druids, all Mages, all Priests, and Elemental and Restoration Shamans. Warlocks are being worked on but aren’t ready yet. Most of the updated animations seem to revolve around better spell effects with new glowy...

The Queue: Robot Bunnies Are Adorable

Okay, so it’s clearly a little too interested in that corpse there. But it’s still adorable!

It’s the Queue. We talk about Blizzard games. There may be spoilers for Legion. I’m listening to Synchronicity II from the album Synchronicity by the Police, or as I like to call them, Stewart Copeland‘s Lonely Heart’s Club Band. (The man was an amazing drummer.)

And now, your questions and my answers.