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WoWFeb 4, 2015 8:35 pm CT

Hotfixes for February 4: Foundry bosses and guardian druids

World of Warcraft hotfixes

Tonight we have more bug fixes and adjustments for Blackrock Foundry bosses, including a very nice fix for Gruul that small groups will appreciate. Guardian druids also received a damage buff to Mangle. The full list of fixes can be found below.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)

  • Druid
    • General
      • [Hotfix in testing] Mangle’s damage has increased by 27%.

Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios

  • Blackrock Foundry
    • Gruul
      • Gruul now uses Petrifying Slam against 5 targets in a 10-player raid, scaling up to 10 targets in a 30-player raid (used to be 8 targets on all difficulties).
    • Hans’gar & Franzok
      • Fixed an issue that could cause Beastlord Darmac to despawn immediately once defeated.
      • Mages should no longer be able to incorrectly Blink through the ramp at the end of the room.
    • Beastlord Darmac
      • Fixed an issue that could cause Beastlord Darmac despawn immediately once defeated.
    • Operator Thogar
      • Operator Thogar should now be immune to damage during the start of the encounter until he jumps down onto the tracks.
    • Iron Maidens
      • Admiral Gar’an should no longer interrupt herself while using Deploy Turret.
    • Blackhand
      • Players should no longer be able to avoid Incendiary Shot on the balconies in Stage Two.

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