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WoWMar 11, 2015 8:00 pm CT

What to do at level 100

The path from level 1 to level 100 is pretty clearly laid out before you: kill things, gain experience, level up, repeat. However, once you hit level 100 what you do next is really up to you — which can leave new 100s at a bit of a loss. Whether you’re hitting level 100 for the first time, returning to the game after a break, or hitting 100 on an alt, here’s a handy checklist of what to do next.

Pick a level 100 talent
Though this one is pretty self-explanatory, it’s easy to forget to pick your top-tier talent (especially since you haven’t had to think about talents for 10 levels). If you haven’t already, check out your options and pick the right talent for your build. Not sure what to choose? We like Icy Veins’ class guides, which lay out all the options.

alliance level 1 garrison
Level your garrison
As you’ve progressed through Draenor, you’ve added to your garrison as you’ve gone — but once you hit level 100, it’s time to finish it up. That means leveling your garrison to level 3, which gives you an extra small, medium, and large plot to build on — plus it will let you level your other buildings to level 3, granting you building-specific bonuses.

Unfortunately, advancing your garrison to level 3 is going to cost you 2000 resources and 5000 gold… which can be hard to come by if you’ve just hit level 100. Though your garrison cache generates 144 resources a day, that puts the upgrade well off if you’ve been spending your resources everywhere. If you’re having trouble getting the resources you need, here’s what we recommend:

  • Consider building a lumber mill. With a lumber mill you can chop trees around Draenor for 20 resources each — and higher level lumber mills give better returns.
  • Consider building a trading post, you can trade crafting reagents for resources at the rate of 5 crafting items to 30 resources. The item to turn in changes every day.
  • Do missions, but only the ones with resource rewards. Though missions cost resources (which can drain your reserves), some of them also give resources. Keep your eyes open for those missions and make sure to do them.
  • Quest! A number of quests give resources as rewards — some of them quite a lot.

Once you’ve leveled your garrison up, it’s time to get it set up just the way you’d like it. There’s no right or wrong garrison layout, but different buildings will suit different types of gameplay, so you’ll want to consider what works best for you — but don’t be afraid to play around, trying things and switching buildings out if they don’t work for you. We do recommend getting a Dwarven Bunker (A) or War Mill (H), which increases the chance you’ll get item upgrades — this can help you gear up as you finish quest zones and net better gear in instances. If you have a crafting profession, dedicating one of your small plots to the related crafting building, which will give you access to patterns and materials. Beyond that, go with what makes sense for you.

Wowhead and Icy Veins both have detailed guides with thorough rundowns of each garrison building, and Wowhead also has a guide on which buildings offer which perks to help you narrow down you choices.

Finish questing
Just because you’ve hit level 100 doesn’t mean it’s time to give up on questing. Not only will quests help you gear up (with both gear for you as well rewarding followers and toys you might want), they also advance the game’s story (each zone has a major quest line that ends with a cinematic), and some quest chains will even grant you garrison blueprints. Though it’s probably not worth your time to finish every quest in every zone (though, if you’re a completionist, go right ahead!), you probably want the experience (and the rewards) that come from finishing each zone’s major quest line.

There are also a couple of special quests you should keep your eye out for: at level 98, you should have gotten the game’s latest legendary quest and at level 100 you’ll see your garrison quest campaign. Both of these quest chains start in your garrison and both serve to advance the game’s story. The legendary chain, in particularly, offers high ilvl ring rewards, so you should jump on that as soon as possible.

horde garrison
Become a Draenor treasure hunter
Like the Timeless Isle before it, Draenor is packed with treasures to uncover… and you probably missed a lot of them while you were leveling. Treasure may give you gold, toys, pets, resources, or gear, so it’s definitely worth checking out no matter what your gaming interests.

Fortunately there’s a way to uncover even the most well-hidden of Draenor’s treasures: download HandyNotes and DraenorTreasures to your UI. Combined, these addons will show notes on your map for each piece of treasure on the continent, complete with notes. Higher level areas typically mean higher level gear, so if you’re looking to up you ilvl, Nagrand’s the place to start.

If you’d rather have a list than use an addon, Wowhead has the details:

Gear up!
No matter what you want to do at level 100, you’ll need decent gear to be good at it. Here’s where to get started:

  • You can pick up a 610 weapon for completing bronze proving grounds — look for the Proving Grounds (A) or Proving Grounds (H) quest in your garrison.
  • Keep questing! Though we said this already, it’s worth reiterating: questing in the highest-level Draenor zone, Nagrand, will reward you with ilvl 587-610 gear.
  • Do normal dungeons. Though you can start before you hit level 100, running Grimrail Depot, The Everbloom, Upper Blackrock Spire, and Shadowmoon Burial Grounds at level 100 will reward you with ilvl 615 gear. Note, however, that we recommend doing normal dungeons, and not heroics or challenge modes. Though heroics drop ilvl 630 gear and challenge modes drop ilvl 640 gear, the increased time and difficulty just aren’t worth the effort when all you’re wanting to do is get gear. Highmaul LFR offers ilvl 640 gear — and it’s a lot easier to tackle than heroics.
  • Apexis Crystals are the new Valor, and they’re a great way to gear up. Doing the easier Apexis daily from your level 2 or level 3 garrison will net you 800 Apexis Crystals a day (that’s 5600 a week) which you can use to buy ilvl 630 to ilvl 655 gear from a vendor in your faction’s Ashran hub. Here’s what’s on offer:
    • ilvl 630 gear: 3000 crystals for bracers and capes, 4000 crystals for belts and hands, and 5000 crystals for legs and helms.
    • ilvl 645 gear: You’ll need the the ilvl 630 item plus 9000  crystals for bracers and capes,10500 crystals for belts and hands, and 11500 crystals for legs and helms
    • ilvl 655 gear: You’ll need the the ilvl 645 item plus 14500 crystals for bracers and capes,17000 crystals for belts and hands, and 20000 crystals for legs and helms
  • While you’re at your Ashran hub, also check reputation vendors. Most have ilvl 615 trinkets for 500 gold… and you might have the reputation to buy them just from your leveling journey.
  • Doing garrison missions can reward gear, so be sure you’re leveling your followers to collect the best stuff. While this is a fairly random way to gear up — there’s no telling for sure which garrison missions you’ll have on a given day, and there will be days when none of them reward gear — you should always keep an eye on your mission table.
    • Follower ilvl 600 missions can reward you ilvl 615 gear
    • Follower ilvl 615 missions can reward you ilvl 630 gear
    • Follower ilvl 630 missions can reward you ilvl 645 gear
    • Follower ilvl 645 gear can reward you ilvl 655 Highmaul gear.
  • Craft (or buy). You can equip 3 pieces of crafted Warlords gear that starts at ilvl 640 and can be upgraded to ilvl 655 and then ilvl 670. Not a crafter? No problem, because most Warlords crafted pieces are BoE and can be found on the auction house — if you’re willing to pay the price. You can even get some crafted gear without having the profession or paying up for the auction house by having the profession building, which will offer you a limited set of gear — ranging from ilvl 630 to ilvl
  • Do the legendary quest. The initial reward is an ilvl 640 ring — and getting it is well within reach of even brand new 100s.
  • Hit up LFR. Though LFR has a bad reputation for poor play, it’s a great way to gear up with limited fuss. (We recommend hitting LFR shortly after server resets for the best experience.) Highmaul LFR requires you to have an ilvl of 615 before you can queue, which you should be able to get without much trouble, and drops ilvl 640 gear. Blackrock Foundry LFR requires you to have ilvl 635 before you can queue and drops ilvl 650 gear
  • If you prefer PvP to raids, Ashran (and other battlegrounds) are where you want to go to gear up. PvP gear ranges from ilvl 600 to ilvl 660 and in PvP, this gear scales to higher item levels: from ilvl 660 to ilvl 690. Here’s what’s available:
    • Primal Aspirant’s Gear comes from strongbox rewards from doing random battlegrounds, Ashran quests and rares, arena skirmishes, and the Gladiator’s Sanctum in your garrison. This starter set is ilvl 660 in PvP (and ilvl 600 outside PvP).
    • Primal Combatant’s Gear is purchased with honor points, which you can earn through battlegrounds, arenas, dailies, and in Ashran. It’s ilvl 675 in PvP (and ilvl 620 outside PvP).
    • Primal Gladiator’s Gear is bought with conquest points, which you can get through rated arenas, rated battlegrounds, and completing boss objectives (as well as a few other quests) in Ashran.

Raid of ShamanChallenge yourself
You’ve finished the basics and you’ve picked up some sweet gear along the way… so what next? It’s time to challenge yourself. 5-man dungeons have more difficult heroic modes as well as even more difficult challenge modes. For those who want to raid, look for a challenge beyond LFR in normal, heroic, and mythic modes… though you’ll want to find a raiding guild to help you advance at higher raid difficulty levels.

For PvPers, Ashran, rated arenas, and rated battlegrounds are the biggest challenges on offer — with the all-new Ashran zone offering massive 100 v. 100 battles. If you’re usually a PvEer and looking for something new to do, give it a try!

battle pet daily spires vesharr 02-18
Do your dailies
Yes, Blizzard has done away with a lot of the dailies that players had to constantly grind at for reputation and gear in Mists of Pandaria… but the daily grind isn’t entirely gone, and you’ll still want to be sure you’re going through a daily routine of quests and activities:

  • Apexis Crystals are used for gear and your legendary quest chain… so get collecting! Though you can get them through drops or quests, the best way to consistently rack up Apexis Crystals is with a daily quest in your garrison. You have the option of a daily solo quest (for 800 crystals) or a daily group quest (for 1000 crystals).
  • Your garrison buildings have different tasks attached to them, and if you’re interested in the rewards, you should do them every day. This includes collecting herbs and mining ore, fishing dailies, and turning in materials to keep your work orders working away.
  • A random quest giver will spawn in your town hall. You may get dungeon quests, you may have Harrison Jones show up and send you on a mission, or you may get a trader who’s interested in taking extra profession reagents off your hands. These may not always interest you, but you’ll want to check to see which quest is on offer every day.
  • Repel an invasion. Once a week, your garrison may be invaded by any enemy faction that you’ve annoyed enough. Though whether you’ll get one or not can be on the random side, killing level 100 mobs while doing Apexis dailies is likely to set one off. You can do invasions in your garrison (or a friend’s garrison) in parties of up to 3 players.
  • For pet battling fans, it’s no surprise that Draenor has an all-new set of tamers you can fight every day — but in addition to that, unlocking the menagerie in your garrison opens up new challenges and, yes, new daily quests.

Collect and level followers
Though you’ll have gathered some followers as you’ve leveled, at level 100 you’ll want to make an effort to get the followers you want and level them and gear them. Though there are missions for followers of every skill level, missions with better rewards — from gear to gold to toys — are only available to higher level followers.You can collect followers from quests or recruit them from the Lunerfall Inn (A) or Frostwall Tavern (H).

Ideally, you want your garrison staffed with a full crew of level 100, epic-quality followers (who have access to more skills and traits than uncommon or rare followers). Have a green-quality follower? Don’t worry: by sending it on missions, it will eventually level up to rare and finally epic quality. Once your followers hit level 100, you can start equipping them with gear which increases their item level and allows them to complete higher level missions.

This is a mini-game that can get extremely involved… and offer plenty of rewards. For full details, check out Wowhead’s guide.

Collect what you want to collect
Not all WoW players enjoy the collecting game, but if you do, level 100 is the time to build your collection whether you’re after mounts, pets, tranmsog gear, or achievements. At level 100, you’re better suited than ever to go back and do old content — even entirely solo — which brings lots of old gear and achievements into your reach. Having the right garrison buildings can also offer an assortment of collectibles — so figure out what you want to collect and get started!

Pick your passion
Though we’ve listed some directions you can go, there’s no right or wrong answer on what to do at max level. Because Blizzard no longer has a strict progression laid out in front of you, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do next. So what do you love doing in World of Warcraft? Consider that question… and then do more of that.

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