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Elizabeth Harper

Elizabeth Harper @faience — In the real world, Elizabeth Harper started her writing career with a gig for WoW Insider in 2006. Now, she's spent the past 10 years writing and editing online content for tech, gaming, and entertainment. In the virtual world, she's been playing Warcraft since its earliest days and dabbles in Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Diablo.

The Queue: Liz is still alive edition

Hello, friends! I am in fact still here… just not extremely here. And also very tired.

The tired part is normal, but usually I exist a little more than I do right now. Insomuch as any of us exist. What is existence, anyway? How do we know that we, in fact, exist? Do I know you exist? All of us are just voices in the ether, communicating via this sequence of symbols. Can you prove my existence? Can I prove yours?

We may never know. But I don’t feel very existent right now.

So let’s spend our mutual non-existence, maybe-existence, partial-existence, or straight-up existence in this social experiment we call the Queue.

The Queue: The one where we talk about dragons

Spoiler alert: they’re all the one where we talk about dragons.

Dragons are just so great. The flying? That’s great. All of those colorful scales? Pretty great! The ability to go full on Onyxia and deep breath your enemies? Really super great. I just really love dragons is what I’m saying. Video game dragons, fictional dragons, it doesn’t matter.

Dragons are just great, and if you disagree with me …. well, you’re just wrong.

The Queue: Every crew is a chaos crew

In Critical Role Campaign 2, part of the group decided to call themselves the “chaos crew,” but it’s really the Campaign 3 group that brings true chaos. But can anyone really call themselves a chaos crew? When you put any group of people together, chaos ensues. Just look at the chaos Mitch brings to our lives every day. Just look at the chaos of a raid group of people. (Particularly my raid group. Have you ever seen us? It’s a wonder we get anything done.) And look at John de Lancie in any Star Trek series he’s graced — chaos.

The world is chaos. Unpredictable and frequently maddening.

And of course the Queue is chaos too, so let’s embrace calamity and answer (maybe) some questions (also maybe).

The Queue: We are always ready for a nap on Friday

Every time I’m writing the Queue, it’s either late at night or early in the morning so I can get it done before the day gets going, and I often would rather be napping. Fridays, after all, are the slide into the weekend where you can catch up with all the sleep you’ve missed out on over the week. So it should be nap time… but I have to get get this done first.

So let’s answer some questions, and then we can all have a nice Friday nap. Yeah! Let’s Queue!

The Queue: Still waiting for Chaddius

Okay. I admit, I may have panicked about Chaddius a little too quickly. Chaddius only takes a break up by the lake when he’s Steward of the Day, which can only happen when there’s a calling in Bastion. So Chaddius was never exactly missing — it just wasn’t his day off to chill with a box of wine.

Because, really, that’s the kind of day off that we all want.

But I haven’t seen him since I started my quest. Which either means I managed to miss his day even though I thought I was paying attention, or he’s having a really long workweek. So I hope Chaddius gets a break soon so I can go say hi.

But while we wait for Chaddius, let’s get to the Queue.

The Queue: The search for Chaddius

It’s grand theft Chaddius over here, but Team Blizzard Watch is on the case. We’re going to rebrand the site into Chaddius Watch and post wall-to-wall coverage of this tragedy. We’re going to post missing persons fliers all over Bastion. We’re going to put Chaddius’ face on milk cartons. We’re going to make sad tribute videos that force the world to take notice. We aren’t going to stop until this Steward is safely brought back home.

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