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Elizabeth Harper

Elizabeth Harper @faience — In the real world, Elizabeth Harper started her writing career with a gig for WoW Insider in 2006. Now, she's spent the past 10 years writing and editing online content for tech, gaming, and entertainment. In the virtual world, she's been playing Warcraft since its earliest days and dabbles in Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Diablo.

The Queue: Unbelievable

Absolutely unbelievable. Mitch has never seen Lilo & Stitch, which is a complete travesty.

Ah, and if you weren’t following yesterday’s Queue comments, you have no idea what I’m talking about. Sorry about that. But let’s get on to answering some actual video game questions… though I do go off on a Disney tangent at the end. (Just scroll to the bottom if you don’t care.)

Onward to the Queue!

The Queue: This is where the buffalo roam

Today we had a special request from Buffalo, who asked for a buffalo-themed Queue for his birthday. Apparently this is a tradition that I have previously missed, but it seems we have dutifully carried it out in the past, so I will do my best with this fine image of bison, above.

You all aren’t just joking with us about this, right? Is it really someone’s birthday? I hope it’s really someone’s birthday, otherwise I’m going to feel pretty silly about this.