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Elizabeth Harper

Elizabeth Harper @faience — In the real world, Elizabeth Harper started her writing career with a gig for WoW Insider in 2006. Now, she's spent the past 10 years writing and editing online content for tech, gaming, and entertainment. In the virtual world, she's been playing Warcraft since its earliest days and dabbles in Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Diablo.

The Queue: Old Paladin yells at cloud

Sometimes you’ve just gotta yell at those clouds. Sometimes the clouds are dragons. Sometimes the clouds are Old Gods. And sometimes the clouds are patch notes.

None of them take much notice of your yelling, but what else is there to do but shake your fist at the sky?

Anyway, this is not a cloud, it is the Queue. Let’s answer some questions.

Everything coming with WoW patch 10.1.7, including new story quests, Dreamsurges overtaking the Dragon Isles, Night Elf and Forsaken Heritage Armor, and much more

Dragonflight patch 10.1.7 continues Blizzard's rapid patch roll-out schedule with another major content update that continues the Dragonflight story with lots of new quests, a new world event, new heritage armor and customization, new Dragonriding races, and holiday updates for Hallow's End and other fall events.

The Queue: In which Cory provides most of the questions

Questions questions questions, the master wants murder.

The master also wants questions, and Cory is always there to provide. But, you know, next Thursday maybe someone else would also ask some questions. That’d be pretty great. They don’t (necessarily) have to be about music, either! You can ask any question you’d like.

I may not have an answer to every question, but it’s always nice to be asked, you know?

So let’s set about answering Cory’s questions. (And maybe a few others.)

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