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Elizabeth Harper

Elizabeth Harper @faience — In the real world, Elizabeth Harper started her writing career with a gig for WoW Insider in 2006. Now, she's spent the past 10 years writing and editing online content for tech, gaming, and entertainment. In the virtual world, she's been playing Warcraft since its earliest days and dabbles in Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Diablo.

The Queue is not playing Warcraft today

So I was really looking forward to hitting up Ny’alotha, but a Mac bug in patch 8.3 means my client crashes pretty regularly while doing any group content. I went into Ny’alotha for 45 minutes on Tuesday and had one kernel panic and four client crashes. So, yeah, we aren’t playing Warcraft today. And maybe not tomorrow. Or the next day. Who knows!

Okay, let me stop feeling sorry for myself and we’ll get into answering some questions.

The Queue: What even is time?

I have lost all sense of time since the holiday season started. Is it still November or has December finally arrived? Are we still in the middle of the December holidays or is it already January? Or February? Maybe March?

What even is time anymore?

Ugh, I don’t know. Let’s skip ahead to the questions.

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