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Elizabeth Harper

Elizabeth Harper @faience — In the real world, Elizabeth Harper started her writing career with a gig for WoW Insider in 2006. Now, she's spent the past 10 years writing and editing online content for tech, gaming, and entertainment. In the virtual world, she's been playing Warcraft since its earliest days and dabbles in Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Diablo.

The Queue: The hero we need

While he doesn’t cut a particularly dashing figure, it’s clear that the great investigator Murloc Holmes is the hero we need right now. You think I’m joking, but I’m not. Murloc Holmes ought to be wandering around Revendreth, questioning Dredgers in mrgls and grmrgls, following footprints, and interrogating suspicious passers-by (namely us). I want to see him sit down for tea with Theotar and I want to talk him into coming to the Ember Court. I have never wanted anything to be added to WoW so badly.

Come on, Blizzard, this would be great and you know it.


The Queue: Summer in the sun edition

It’s July. It’s Midsummer Fire Festival in WoW and Hearthstone.

But mostly it’s too hot outside so I am staying in with the windows closed and the A/C on. I’m just saying no to beach days because I will burn to a crisp. What Ragnaros couldn’t do, the summer sun can.

So let’s sit inside with our computers and talk about video games.

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