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WoWMar 14, 2015 10:00 am CT

Take your exercise routine across Azeroth with Running Azeroth

Running Azeroth probably won’t make your workout any easier, but it may make it a bit more entertaining. Designed for those who use a treadmill or stationary bike, these YouTube videos will take your trip to Azeroth with a virtual jogging route through scenic terrain. The latest video is a Kalimdor mini-marathon, taking you — by foot — from Winterspring to Uldum in a 44 minute video, complete with zone music to set the mood. This works out to be about 2.2 miles at a walk (3 MPH), 3.67 miles at a jog (5 MPH) and 6.6 miles at a run (9 MPH).

To take your workout to Azeroth, all you need is a gadget that can play YouTube — tablet works best, but a smartphone or laptop can work — that will sit on the magazine rack of your treadmill or stationary bike (or any convenient and easy to see surface). Set the video to full screen, turn up the volume, and get moving!

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