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HearthstoneMar 23, 2015 4:38 pm CT

The world’s longest Hearthstone turn

Two players are in the process of attempting the world’s longest turn in Hearthstone. Normally, a player has about 90 seconds to take actions on their turn before it automatically ends. Spell animations and other effects will have to resolve first before a turn officially passes to the other person. But two ambitious individuals have taken it upon themselves to try and set a record for the world’s longest turn in Hearthstone.

If successful, it will take literally hours.

Over 40 hours.

You can watch the oddly mesmerizing stream below:

How it works

In order to properly set this up, multiple Velens are used to dramatically increase spellpower. If that isn’t enough, Velen’s Chosen is used on Velen to raise their spellpower further (and in some cases, 30 times for some).

These were the cards listed but I do believe a few are missing. You’re technically limited two copies of any card (and only one for a card that’s a legendary rarity). Lorewalker Cho would need to be used to help copy some spells. I also would’ve gone with Duplicate to help copy additional creatures. The mage on the other side casts Ice Block to survive through all the missiles that are being thrown out.

So why so many Arcane Missiles? The folks running the stream did the math for us all:

  • The spellpower increases the number of missiles casted by Arcane Missiles. 207 spellpower = +206 missiles. this makes a total amount of 206 + 3 missiles. Prophet Velen doubles the number of missiles. Because there are 7 on the battlefield, the number of missiles has been multiplied 2^7 = 128 times. 128×210 = 26,752 missiles. Eventually, Arcane Missiles x 9 have been cast, which gives 26,752 x 9 = 240,768 missiles.
  • It takes approximately 0.67 seconds for the animation of a missile to happen. 240,768 x 0.67 = 161 314 seconds. Which gives more than 44h of live stream.

A little crazy? Maybe — but there’s a world record on the line!

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