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The QueueApr 8, 2015 11:51 am CT

The Queue: Token frenzy

Questions were a bit light in the comments yesterday, so I’d like to issue a reminder: The Queue is Blizzard Watch’s daily Q&A feature. We take your questions from the comments of the post, and if we’re able, we answer them to the best of our ability. WoW, Hearthstone, whatever — any game, bring it on.


Will Token activated accounts be counted towards any kind of sub count?

I don’t see why not. Someone paid real money for the subscription that results from using a WoW Token, so it’s still a paid subscription. If one guy bought ten million WoW Tokens, and ten million players were playing using his WoW Tokens, that’s still ten million subscriptions someone paid for, and thus they’re all paid subscribers.


How low can you see the Token actually going? At what point does it no longer make sense to buy them (with money)?

My personal suspicion is we’re going to see the Token take a hard dive over the next couple of weeks or so, because it’s a brand new feature and both sides of the Token are looking to buy or sell ASAP. Right now, it seems more people are selling than buying — more people want gold than have gold. However, the demand for the Token will go back up over time, and will probably see a spike in demand around content patches and expansions.

I don’t think the Token will ever reach a place where nobody wants to use it. Someone will always want to use it. But Blizzard’s release schedule will be a major influence in pricing. I can’t see there being huge demand for it in 6-12 month gaps between patches or expansions. There will absolutely be demand when there’s new content to see.


Do you think Garrisons will still be a viable source of gold farming after this expansion or do you anticipate a nerf?

I would be shocked if there wasn’t a nerf. The amount of gold a person can generate with a garrison — or multiple garrisons — is insane. The majority of it comes from garrison missions and followers with Treasure Hunter, which are things you can accomplish simply by logging in for 5 minutes per day. If they don’t nerf those missions when the next expansion rolls around, the economy is going to be even more bizarre.


If/when you can’t sleep and you decide to spend your wakeful time in a Blizzard  game, what do you usually do?

Level a lowbie alt. If I’m tired but can’t fall asleep, or need to stay awake until a specific time, I usually don’t have the mental capacity to do anything difficult. Yesterday, for example, I took a low level hunter from level 15 to level 35. I caved and bought heirlooms for her and it only took a couple of hours to get that far.

Then I slept and slept and slept and that’s why today’s Queue is late!


So has anyone bought or sold a token yet?

My subscription is now covered until February 2016. With prices as low as they seem to be right now, I’m considering extending that even further. Even if hell freezes over and I quit playing, it didn’t cost me anything but gold I’m not using for anything else.


Is there a way to click on a writer’s name and see what articles they’be written?

Yep! Rather than clicking on our name at the top of the article, you want to click on the name at the bottom of the post by the mini-bio. That’ll take you to the author page.


While I preferred the white background, I can get used to the grey one. But what is up with this new default font? It’s terrible.

I had to check with Adam on this one because I couldn’t see any difference in the default font — and he confirmed that the default font hasn’t changed. It’s the same one we’ve always had at the same size it’s always been. The background change did happen, though. With that change, the goal was just to make the page a little more readable — it’s a subtle difference, but it cuts the harsh brightness a little bit.

The font, though? Totally the same. If people genuinely have readability problems with it, we can look into changing it, but nothing about it has changed so far. It’s possible certain browsers weren’t using our default font for some reason, but I don’t know why that would be the case.

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